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How Electric Vehicles Are Gaining Terrain On Today’s Market

Nowadays technology is at a stage where it can no longer ignore all the advantages and commercial development of electric vehicles and governments are finally starting to realize how important it is to promote and improve electric technology in vehicles.

There are obvious advantages as far as the environment is concerned for the electric vehicles create less pollution as opposed to fossil fuel-powered vehicles, although vehicles are still running as hybrid cars for the moment, which means they run on both fuel and electric.

Most of the electric vehicles on the market nowadays are so similar to the fuel-powered models that you would probably have no idea they are electric.

The only way you would realize that it is electric is that the engine is practically silent as opposed to a fuel-powered vehicle. Once you open the hood of an electric car, then you will see that indeed there are many differences.

The engine in an electric vehicle runs electrically and is powered by a controller, which is in turn powered by rechargeable batteries.

A gasoline engine, with its fuel lines, exhaust pipes, coolant hoses and intake manifold, tends to look like the work of a plumber, while an electric car is without doubt a wiring project.

Until now the major drawback in most electric vehicles has been the performance or lack of performance of the batteries.

With the new advanced development this issue now belongs to the past and recent models have notably improved the battery and its performance.

Another problem linked to electric vehicles is the refueling issue. This has also been solved by implementing a stronger infrastructure network and more effort has gone into the development of these installations.

Once the infrastructure has been set up and is functional, it will allow efficient recharging, thus creating an economically and environmentally efficient area.

Some of the latest and more efficient models of vehicles are the LEAF by Nissan, a mass produced vehicle offering an economic substitute to the cars powered by fossil fuels, with its low price tag.

The Chevrolet Volt is another excellent model of electrically powered vehicles, although it does come with an onboard petrol generator.

The Smart electric car is even more fuel efficient than before and smaller too, it can run for 100 km on just one single charge, which is an excellent option for city travel.

The Tesla Roadster offers a limited range as far as the running of the engine goes but the speed and acceleration compensate for the lack of mileage.

The B-Zero mini electric vehicle is probably the real solution as a substitute to vehicles powered by fossil fuels. This car is ideal for every day driving and can carry four passengers comfortably.

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