How Stress Affects Relationships

How Stress Affects Relationships
How Stress Affects Relationships
Tired businessman sleeping on couch at home in the morning, his wife bringing breakfast on tray.

The root cause of all stress related problems stems from problems in relationships. Almost any relationship can be a cause of stress. Marital conflicts and inconsistencies in official relationships are common causes of stress.

The same holds true of the children’s conflict, especially at the adolescent stage. If these stressors are left undealt with, they can leave you emotionally drained and physically exhausted.

Parenting has become stressful today because both the parents work in most families. Small things like waking up the child or feeding a child can become stressful especially if you have a strong willed child.

All this can eventually lead to a temper outburst. Parents are usually under continuous stress and strain if any of their children are suffering from a grave illness or is mentally or physically disabled. Poor performance in school and an overtly aggressive child heightens the stress.

The best method to deal with parental stress is to give space for your child to grow. All children need love, care and understanding.

Spend as much time with your children as possible and interact with them on a regular basis. Disabled children need special care and understanding.

To most people relationship stress accounts for marital discords. There is a marked increase in the number of divorce cases that are being filed today. Lack of trust and love is a key player in most marital discords.

Economic problems, extramarital affairs, and coping with in-laws can also cause problems in marriage. Attitude clashes and ego problems only add to the stress. Almost any small reason can be a cause of stress in relationships.

Excessive stress can result in deep depression and mental disorders. Most couples feel insecure when subjected to marital stress. Good communication can relieve marital stress problems by almost 98 per cent.

Try to spend as much time as possible with each other or plan outings together at least once or twice a week if your work pressure is very high. If both of you are working then show interest in the other person’s work.

Celebrate each other’s small achievements. This will help you maintain an easy-going life.

Sometimes professional life tends to become entangled with personal life leading to stress in the workspace also. This is mostly seen in the case of women who have to juggle between their home and workplace demands.

As a result, women are not able to perform at their full potential which causes generalized dissatisfaction and frustrations.  Promotions become difficult. You tend to become depressed and suffer from chronic stress.

It is essential that you should keep a positive attitude throughout. Pitying yourself can only deepen the stress and related problems. Help from your spouse, parents, and parents-in-law can ease the pressures considerably.

Use the resources available to you by taking steps to plan out the future considering all the pros and cons. You can also fight stress by adopting an effective stress management plan, and following it faithfully.