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How To Dry Your Hair? Some Swift And Easy Tips

There is nothing to warn you! You already have experienced it quite often that combing your hair without drying it properly can result into bitter problems like a bunch of hair sticking out without any stress or pull.

Such instances are quite frustrating but you cant even go out without brushing your hair.

What do you do?

Problems do lie in either way. If you don’t wash your hair properly, you will cause obvious damage to it and if you don’t properly dry up your washed and wet hair, you will add to the damage.

When you soak your hair in water and shampoo it thoroughly, then condition it, you begin from the top to the tip. In case of drying too, the technique followed is the same.

It’s true that water gathers and stays for a longer period in the roots though the shoots tips soaked in water take a lesser time to dry up.

Still when the question of drying your hair is the concern, then root and tip don’t matter. An overall dryness of hair to protect it from unnecessary fall should be taken care of first.

Drying hair starts with the wiping of water with a dry towel. Cotton towels soak water the best.

After treating your hair with oil, shampoo, conditioner, etc. and washing all dirt away, pick up the towel straight to the scalp area and press it tight on the wet hair.

Once the immediate water is soaked by the towel, gently exert a movement in and out with your fingers so that the chances of drop-by-drop pouring of water from the tips can be stopped.

Over with the first step! Now, you can use a dry blower to further dry your hair.

Drying your hair under natural condition is the best way but excess blow drying can be sometimes harmful. They sometimes reduce the moisture content of your hair.

Always follow this basic guideline when you intend to go blow dry your hair:

  • 1. How should you use a hair dryer?
  • The technique of using blow dryer is quite defined and any mistake will cause hamper to your hair. Start blowing heat from the reverse or the back layers of the hair and not from the top.
  • Why? This is important because you may get the top cover of your hair dry and layers hidden below remain wet. This causes stickiness to your hair.
  • The hair stinks fowl, gathers more sweat and finally weakens. On the other hand you might catch cold if your head is not properly dried.
  • 2. Another basic norm of operating a hair dryer is that it has to be kept at a minimum distance from your hair.
  • One reason is that it is an electrical appliance and there is always a probability of hazard and moreover if you bring it even nearer than half foot, the chance of your scalp getting too much heat is more and this reduces the moisten layer necessary for the hair bed to grow in your scalp.
  • 3. Don’t ever bring a hair blower close to water soaked hair.
  • You can get an electric shock. Again the hair doesn’t get dry through a dry blower when wet and causes damp of the hair.
  • So, wiping out the water by a towel is must before putting the dry blower on.
  • 4. And the final caveat! Never follow this tool technique as a regular hair drying mechanism.
  • After all this is an artificial means of getting your hair dried. Use it when you are in a hurry or twice in a week as regular schedule. You will get best results only then.

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