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How To Educate Teenagers On The Dangers Of Alcohol

Everyone knows how difficult the teenage period is for both the children who are transiting from childhood to adulthood and for the parents who have to learn to deal with this challenging phase.

Among the more pronounced problems parents are faced with is the tendency teenagers have of partying, thus drinking.

This is why it is important to be able to educate your teenagers into fully understanding the implications that lie behind alcohol poisoning.

First and most difficult of all is the approach. Make sure that your teenager is actually listening to what you have to say, it’s no good educating him or her to the dangers of alcohol if they’re not receptive to your advice.

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This is particularly difficult, for at this age teenagers seem to regard their parents as old fashioned and any advice will be difficult to put through.

The best approach is speaking from experience.

Let your teens know that you have been through the same period, let them recognize in what you tell them that you know how these things work, they will be more prone to listen if they regard you as an equal.

You can also find another teenager who has gone through a streak of alcohol-poisoning to speak to your teens about the dark side of alcohol.

Teenagers are technologically advanced and appreciate communication via Internet, cell phones or any other kind of technology.

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Take advantage of this and use Internet or any other means to educate them on alcohol poisoning.

By using the Internet, videos or computer-generated graphics you will be relaying crucial information about the dangers of alcohol in a language they associate with daily and recognize.

Try and convey how quickly the body absorbs alcohol and the short term effects. One can feel the effects after just 10 minutes and these can last for hours on end.

When one is under the influence of alcohol she or he is exposed to many dangers, for their state of mind is confused.

There can be suicidal thoughts, sexual assaults, car accidents, fights with fatal consequences and other dangers, due to the altered state of mind.

Then go on to explain the long term side effects of alcohol poisoning, which most teenagers do not consider.

A prolonged use of alcohol physically damages many organs in the body including the liver, brain and pancreas.

Cancer is also a consequence of long periods of alcohol drinking, notably in the pancreas. There are other problems you can mention, which may get your teenagers thinking, especially the girls, for alcohol damages the skin with the formation of broken capillaries as well as the hair.

Make sure you get this important information over to your teenagers before they actually experience alcohol poisoning, for it is easier to prevent than to cure.

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