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How To Get Absolutely Free Newspaper Advertising For Your Business

Today’s recession has hit everyone, not only single businesses but all the larger companies in general including newspapers and magazines.

With the popularity of the Internet the print has greatly suffered and lost many of its readers, this is why you can take advantage of this drop in sales to user it in your favor.

Although many readers have turned to online browsing, over fifty percent of the population still reads print.

This is why you should not ignore the potential newspapers have on attracting clients for your business. However, newspaper ads can be expensive but you can actually get them for free.

So, where do you get free newspaper advertising?

The larger national and regional newspapers are suffering but still work hard on getting back their readers, while the smaller newspapers are having a really bad time.

The local and community newspapers need help and you may just be able to provide them with some aid and promote your business for free.

Carefully prepare your advertisement with interesting content that is also relevant and chances are it will be accepted.

Times are hard and smaller newspapers have a tight budget, which reduces editorial staff and budget for publications and content writing.

By providing them with free content you can get your advertisement for free too.

If you own a health store for example, you can prepare an article on tips on how to keep healthy by exercising and eating health food.

Your article should be useful and informative and can help people with simple tips how to lose weight or keep their heart in good condition, anything that will appeal to the readers and will help them with issues that concern them directly.

If the newspaper accepts your article you may have your ad placed at the bottom or at the top according to the newspapers policies.

Make sure you check with the newspapers and find out what their article guidelines are as well as the format they prefer for the article.

If you provide the newspaper with useful information on a topic they had planned to use for their edition, this will provide you with a great opportunity to advertise for free and get your message across effectively without spending a cent.

This is an excellent way to promote your business within your community and provide your potential customers with new ideas that your business may inspire them with.

People are always happy when they receive advice from a professional and this will add to your credibility as a business.

Not only do you sell a certain product or service they are interested in but you also know all about what your are selling and they can come to you for advice. These types of customers are likely to become long term ones.

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