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How To Make Your Child Enjoy School

The school years lay the basic foundation for every child and help in their overall growth and development.

The lack of interest shown by most school goers is not a new thing and it’s definitely not confined to your child alone.

It is important to find out the reason why your child is not interested in going to school. The disinterest can stem due to his inability to complete the homework on time or more importantly the lack of friends in school.

You can make a difference by spending more time with your child discussing the school activities that have happened throughout the day.

Learn the role he played in those activities during the day. Ask about the games he played during the lunch break and if he shared his food with friends. Such questions can help you assess your child.

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If he is just a silent spectator in most activities then you should probably talk to his teachers. A consultation with his teachers on a regular basis can help provide insight into his behavior.

Tell the teachers about his likes and dislikes and ask her to place him in activities that he will enjoy.

Monitor his progress constantly over a period of time. If nothing works take professional help and consult a child psychologist.

The keyword is to try and understand the child perfectly. Take time to help him through his homework and probably pull him out of a few tough spots like the submission of an assignment.

You can generate more interest in the subject by providing him with interesting articles and snippets that would interest him.

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Criticism, though necessary in some cases, is not necessary always. Often the child can lose complete interest in his work and can become withdrawn.

Applaud him for the small efforts he is taking like finishing his homework or packing up his bag on time.

You can also accompany him to school if you feel it would make a difference. Some parents also work in school voluntarily to tell their children that they are there and help them adjust to the new environment.

You can ask the teacher to give your child special duties to encourage him to go to school. It can be things like watering the class vase or putting up charts on the class notice board.

This will instill confidence and make the child look forward to attending school daily.

Visual learning is a great tool for learning. Children are able to grasp concepts more quickly if they are displayed rather than readout.

You can ask the child to use colorful blocks, fruits, or other items to do the same homework. The result in most cases is better and it is also enjoyable for the child.

Do not ignore the complaints made by your child of not being able to comprehend the lessons that are being taught in the class.

This may be because he is unable to concentrate for more than half an hour. There are also chances that your child may be suffering from a learning disorder.

Seek medical advice immediately and inform the school about the problem. Today most schools have trained teachers to handle dyslexic children.

A small effort from your side can do wonders; they can make your child enjoy school.

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