How To Recognize Tooth Enamel Loss

How To Recognize Tooth Enamel Loss
How To Recognize Tooth Enamel Loss
A patient without an enamel tooth is trying on a denture. Tooth implantation, dental treatment.

Tooth Enamel loss is a growing concern in both the younger and older generations. In some areas fluoride has been added to the consumers water system, to provide enhanced dental protection against enamel loss.

Tooth enamel is made up of more than ninety percent of mineral components, and is the most solid substance present in our body.

The acids contained in foods frequently contribute to the deterioration of tooth enamel, resulting in dental cavities and other associated infections.

Although nowadays, people are better informed and aware of the importance of oral hygiene, many still neglect to look after their teeth properly, preferring other less important concerns.

Amongst these are career-prone people, those who prefer clothes and jewelry or even retired couples that have other interests on their minds and do not look after their teeth as they should.

Children also fit into this category, for it is well know, how difficult it is to get them to brush their teeth every day, as they are not fully aware of the consequences of neglected hygiene.

Most people are the reflection of todays society, too busy and careless to spend time on oral hygiene, for they are occupied with other, more important issues.

Unfortunately, our dental health cannot be taken for granted, and we cannot wait until our teeth start hurting, before taking care of our teeth. A glowing set of teeth can do wonders to our personal appearance, all additional concerns, like jewelry, clothes or other apparel are no match to a white and healthy smile.

It is essential you get rid of any bad eating habits, and avoid food products, such as those with an excessive sugar content.

The lactic acid in these food types can lower the level of pH in your mouth, and we become more susceptible to enamel loss.

Make sure you brush your teeth regularly and avoid excessive use of toothpicks, for these can actually damage the enamel between your teeth.

Simply keep to regular teeth brushing and dental floss, to get rid of food particles, which can get stuck between your teeth.

Avoid chewing objects or grinding your teeth, for doing so may cause fractures in the tooth enamel, which will expose the dentin to bacteria, eventually leading to tooth decay. Have your dentist fill up any fracture to avoid more problems later.

Receding gums is another concern, for this will cause pain due to sensitive teeth. This problem occurs when we do not brush and care for our teeth correctly, and will eventually lead to enamel loss.

You will be more sensitive to hot and cold food types, for the lack of tooth enamel will expose the nerves of your teeth to all external agents. This problem must be immediately taken care of by your dentist.

If you are worried about tooth enamel loss, you can help restore any enamel loss with the use of specific products such as mouthwashes and toothpastes that have added sodium fluoride content.