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How To Use Blogging To Generate Internet Website Traffic

Blogging if used effectively is a very powerful way to generate traffic and keep users coming to your site for years. If you’re not already doing it you should start now.

Search engines like blogs and you’ll often see blog posts dominate the top rankings for keywords in some scenarios.

You can take advantage of this by starting your own blog (or blogs) to generate lots of new traffic and funnel it all towards your main website.

You can build your blog website as a subsection of your current website or you can build it as a separate, standalone site. Whichever you choose you’ll want to make sure you link back to your main site.

Don’t just link to your home page either. Sprnkle in links to some of your other  pages too to increase their visibility and increase ranking.

I recommend using either Blogger (good) or WordPress (the best) to create your new blog. They’re both easy to learn and use, and they’re feature-rich and customizable.

You can host your blog on their servers, but it will be more ideal if you can register your own domain and host your blog yourself.

The reasons I suggested you host your own blog are as follows: First, your URL will look more professional and will add credibility to your new blog site, moreover, user will remember that for next visit.

If you use Blogger, your domain will look like this:
And in WordPress it will be:
But if you host it yourself it will simply be:

That’s much easier to remember and much more credible to your readers. The second reason you should host your own blog is even more important.

Many blogs that are hosted on free services like Blogger disappear without warning or reason. It’s happened to many a blogger, and you don’t want to take the chance of losing all your hard work for nothing.

Keys to a successful blog:
Show some personality. A dull blog won’t build much of a following. Don’t be afraid to take a stand.

Stir up a little controversy and get people talking about your blog.

Put more time on your blog site by posting often, at least a couple of times a week will do. Outdated blogs that aren’t regularly updated quickly lose their readability.

Add an RSS feed so readers can subscribe to your blog and be notified when you add a new post.

Find other blogs in your niche and add comments to their posts. Most blogs let you add a link back to your own site.

You can use this method to build relationships and links to your site, but don’t abuse it. Post useful comments, not sales pitches or SPAM.

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