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How You Can Impact Your Customers’ Decisions

Each website has its own personality. This personality arises from the color of text, size of font, use of images, display of images, ease of navigation etc.  

A customer may find your website too colorless and dull, and may not return.

A customer may get upset with the clutter on your website, and fail to locate the product that he came to buy.

Or a customer may like the way your website is organized and make repeated purchases. 

The design of the website is in your hands. You can make life easy for your customer or make it a nightmare for him.

Some of the points that can impact a customers buying decision are: 

1.  Use of colors:

Colors are important to generate the right mood but they should be subtle and pleasing. You should never set your text in the same color as the page background. This lowers readability.  

2. Appeal to the mood:

Colors are closely linked with moods. Excitement is shaped by red color and desire by green. Use suitable colors to put your visitors in a mood to buy the product. 

3.  Capturing attention:

Headlines produce curiosity and capture attention. They can be placed prominently on the page, ideally in color because color adds to the personality of a page. 

4.  Adding emphasis:

It is important to highlight attention-grabbing words like useful, free, new, fast etc. Such hooks can bait the customer to read more about a product. 

5.  Setting and size:

The font size of the text matters. It should not be too small or too large. The best policy is to place the headlines in a large point size, subheadings in smaller point sizes and text in the smallest but readable size.  

6.  Use of capitals:

Capitals are not easy to read in running text, and should be avoided. They are also visual eyesore when used extensively. 

7.  Selecting a Font:

There are fonts aplenty and the computer allows you to use any. But just as font size matters so does its form. Fonts should be commensurate with your product.

It would be in bad taste and childish if you were to use a comic font or the old English type, which is hard to decipher, for a serious product or service. 

8. Formatting:

A business text is meant to attract attention. To get best results you need to space text and use bullets to make reading and comprehension better.  

9. Avoiding bright background:

Bright, electric colors often put off readers. You have to hold their interest not make him leave the site in frustration.

10.  Eliminate errors:

You must go through the text carefully, before hosting it to remove spelling mistakes or grammar errors.

11.  Navigation:

Finally, you must make sure that your customer is able to reach the product with the least number of clicks. He should not be made to wander all over the site.

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