Impressive Projects And Trends In Dubai Property Market


There are many amazing and luxurious projects under construction and just finished in Dubai. For example,  stunning twisting structures in the business bay district of Dubai. Originally known as the Dancing Towers, none of the three buildings (a 75-store office development; 65-store hotel; and 55-store residential building) – is exactly vertical.

Two of the towers translate sideways as they rise before straightening again at the top and joining together.

Structurally, the two towers had to be treated as one as they rely on each other to stand up. Although they will be joined at the top, the two buildings require different services designs – one will be used as a hotel and the other as residential apartments.

Also, Vision Tower is being built at the entrance of Dubai Business Bay, the free zone commercial and residential district in Dubai located on Sheikh Zayed Road next to Burj Dubai Downtown.

The 51-store skyscraper will be a freehold office tower with office spaces from 5,000 to 12,000 square feet, built on an area of 592,000 square feet (55,000 square meters).

Vision Tower will rise 260 meters (853 feet) high covered with transparent glass, allowing a clear view from inside and outside. It will also have a bent transparent glass facade that will be made up of a wall of high-tech transparent glazing that will be internally lit to create a luminous beacon.

The Vision Tower will house modern business centers and offices, affording its tenants easy accessibility as well as great visibility. It is ideally located at the main entrance of Business Bay, just off Sheikh Zayed road.

Attracting the Middle East’s premier organizations, The Vision Tower will be amongst the most prestigious power offices in the region. The Vision Tower rises up over 230 meters into the blue sky of Dubai.

These projects are created because the city of Dubai is booming and opportunities are mushrooming everywhere. The city is giving birth to its new entrepreneurs and attracting more from the region and the far corners of the world.

Locally incorporated businesses are expanding and growing phenomenally – all of which are creating a massive requirement for premium office space. This also can explain the fast construction of Dubai property and the growing demand for it.

It’s everything a business demands. The Vision Tower has just about everything modern visionaries expect.

A vibrant and dynamic business community, easy access and great visibility both from the inside and the outside, uniquely designed office spaces, landmark architecture to complement the prestigious business address, state-of-the-art infrastructure and amenities and freehold office spaces offering the advantage of rental savings for other property in Dubai and sizeable value appreciation.

The next wonderful project in Dubai is The Villa, which is one of the most attractive and potentially prosperous residential real estate developments currently under construction in the immediate vicinity of Dubailand and one attracting serious international and Dubai property investor interest.

Property investors buying into The Villa, which is one of the most luxurious and beautifully designed residential developments in Dubailand are buying into this continuous predicted period of growth.

By purchasing their villa units now, off-plan, property investors are getting in at the lowest prices possible and will see a return on their investment in this property in Dubai by the first completion stages of the residential development in 2007 – and will see an increased ROI throughout the completion stages of Dubailand.

Another project is Culture Village intended to be a world-class destination that mixes old-world pleasures and entertainment with a modern, sophisticated ambiance.

This project is unique as it focuses on one of the most important pillars of civilization. Demand for Dubai Property will increase because of Culture Village, which will enhance the UAE’s position regionally and internationally in the field of culture and the arts.