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Laser Hair Removal For Men

There was a time, not long ago, when chests and backs covered with dark hairs had been viewed as a mark of masculinity.

But there has been a paradigm shift in determining what looks good or bad in men.

Today’s men no longer suffer from bouts of ego to experiment with any product or any methods that will make them look better.

At least there no longer seems to be any clash between looking macho and keeping a neat and clean bearing.

Keeping a clean cut appearance is a matter of confidence- booster and image builder for today’s highly sensible and stylist men.

Thus, we find, not only the women, but men with different professional backgrounds and from different age groups are turning to various methods of cosmetic surgeries.

The laser hair removal procedure for acquiring a smooth skin is no longer an option considered by the young girls, a significant portion of hair removal market is dominated by the male customers.

To define it very briefly, laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure to eliminate the unwanted hairs from the body with the use of light at a specific wavelength.

In the process the hair follicles get damaged and as a result start to fall from the body usually within a few days from the application.

Let us explain how this is accomplished. The whole laser hair removal procedure is based on the simple rule of Physics that heat is created when light is absorbed by dark objects.

The more light it absorbs, the more is the resulting heat.

In the laser hair removal process, the light generated by the laser is applied to a hair follicle, which is a dark object.

Now, it generates a certain amount of heat which is only localized without affecting the surrounding skin tissues.

Those who have a lighter complexion replete with dark hairs are the ideal candidate for the successful laser hair removal process.

On the other hand, the people with gray, red, or blonde hair on a darker skin cannot feel the efficacy of a laser hair removal process in the same way that a person with lighter complexion and darker hair would feel.

The process is also not that effective on the persons with a darker complexion.

This is the attribute of high level of melanin present in darker skins or hairs and lesser presence in the fairer skins or lighter hairs.

In the dark skin which is an abode of too much melanin, the laser light cannot easily locate hair follicles.

In course of its search it travels deeper and looses its effectiveness. In order to overcome this short coming, different wavelengths of laser light are employed.

The energy of light varies from visible to near-infrared radiation. In addition to wavelength, several other factors as width of laser beam, pulse-width, and energy level generated by the laser light all determine the success of laser hair removal.


In spite of repetitive intervention of FDA, laser hair removal continues to be the chosen option of thousands of men as a safe and effective method of hair removal.

There are several advantages of this method that made it the most preferred way of hair removal over the other cosmetic techniques.

If performed by an experienced and expert technician, it is absolutely a safe method. Even if there is a re-growth which is rare, the hairs are fine textured and appear in a lesser density.

As opposed to electrolysis method, which is a lengthy process, with laser hair removal technique it is possible to get rid of hairs from a larger area of your body at a single sitting.


As with any other cosmetic procedures, the laser skin removal process also comes with certain risk factors.

Researches on the effectiveness of the laser therapy for hair removal are still going on. As such many more aspects relating to its long term effects are yet to unfold.

As of now, the process is quite expensive and if done by an inexperienced technician, the process may result into burns, lesions, and long-lasting skin discoloration.

In the absence of a uniform regulation, incompetent practitioners are not restricted from performing the procedure.

You should follow a few precautions during the therapy. First of all make sure, you are provided with a pair of goggles for every session. To protect your eyes from severe eye injuries from lasers.

During the treatment if you feel greater pain than a little pinching sensation immediately inform the doctor, as pain may caused by over application of laser energy.

Your skin may turn slightly pink or red after treatment, but don’t worry, it will regain its normal hues within a few hours. Apply cold pack so that your skin gets back its normalcy more quickly.

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