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The Truth About Breast Augmentation Techniques

Okay, so you may not exactly want to be Pamela Anderson Part II, but you’ve been seriously considering a breast augmentation job to boost your self-esteem because you’re fed to the back teeth with those Man-Chester jokes.

No problem there are innumerable breast augmentation techniques at your disposal today, and you are likely to be one happy woman (or, in rare cases, man) at the end of it all.

The foremost breast augmentation technique is obviously surgery. In the United States today, breast augmentation surgery is among the most popular cosmetic procedures to be performed.

Essentially, breast augmentation or augmentation mammoplasty is a form of plastic surgery that helps to increase the size of a woman’s breast as well as restore its shape.

While a majority of women opt for this form of surgery purely for cosmetic reasons, there are some who need surgery to either restore their breasts to their previous size and shape following pregnancy, or those who have different-sized breasts and need to have the difference corrected.

Like most surgical procedures, augmentation mammoplasty is a permanent procedure that lasts a lifetime, with rare exceptions.

Basically, the procedure involves the placing of breast implants under the chest muscles using a small incision made in the natural crease below the breasts.

The most commonly used implants today are saline implants instead of the silicone gel implants that were used earlier.

The surgery, performed under local anesthesia and intravenous sedation, is usually painless, quick (about an hour-long), and causes minimal scarring since the incision is made within the natural crease we mentioned earlier.

Most patients can get back to work within three days of surgery and resume all activity within a month at the outset.

While the ability to adapt to the new breasts differs from individual to individual, the majority of patients feel comfortable with them after the first six months, while some may adapt to them in as short a time as three months.

However, there is also a wide range of non-surgical breast augmentation techniques such as herbal remedies, pills, and creams.

Since breast augmentation surgery may not always be affordable for a lot of people, non-surgical methods play a large role in the market.

Besides, these methods pose a lesser risk of side effects, contain natural ingredients, and do not require convalescence.

The most popular alternatives to surgical breast augmentation are breast enhancement pills (known as bust pills for obvious reasons!).

The phyto-estrogens in the pills encourage breast tissue growth, and are widely marketed on the Internet.

However, it is best to consult a physician before you start the pills since each individual’s body reacts differently to different stimuli.

A lot of women also use breast augmentation creams. The creams can either be solo or in combination with beast enhancement pills, and they work in much the same way as the pills.

Most breast augmentation claims made use of ingredients identical to those used in the pills, but not in the same concentration.

Then there is BRAVA, which you may have heard of. The latest in the line of breast augmentation techniques, BRAVA involves wearing a brassiere-like contraption made up of two plastic domes attached to a suction device, which suits most women.

One must wear this device for a maximum of 10 hours per day for at least eight weeks for results to show, usually after several months.

As you can see, therefore, the principal difference between surgical and non-surgical breast augmentation techniques is that the former is permanent and provides immediate results, while the latter may also provide long-term results, but require much more time for these results to show. So take your pick!

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