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Nutrients For Healthy Hair

The problem is so common! But how many of us really know the root cause of it? What we do is combat it with some artificial products and check it for a temporary period. Again its the same old situation!

What are we talking about? Still undergoing a wild guess! Well its all about the hair loss problem and the rarity of maintaining healthy hair in today’s rush world. Is proper nourishment of hair really outdated in the stress of modern living?

Does caring for hair mean going to a parlor, using synthetic shampoos, matching with hair colors and dyes, and using other hair products available in the market?

Have we forgotten or is it we don’t know about them? Whatever be the cause, the after effect is the same because without proper nutrients from the natural resources healthy care of hair is not possible. Let’s find out which ingredients form the basic diet of human hair for its proper care.

What builds the hair? Any idea! Its protein. Loss of protein from body also results in damage of your hair. This might sound new to some but this is a hard core fact.

Hair requires a sufficient amount of protein substances to strengthen the roots so that a slight brush of comb doesn’t pull a bunch of it out.

Proper protein nutrient for healthy hair can be supplied to the body through protein-rich food such as animal products (eggs, meat, fish, milk, etc.) and plant products (Soy beans and cereals).

Can you think of a life without water? Similarly, hair nourishment without water intake cannot be achieved. How does water help in the growth of hair? Water is a key nutrient that adds life to hair growth.

The secret behind the string of a hairs mass lies deep within the water content of the hair. Actually among the nutrients of healthy hair, one-fourth part is shared by the portion of water or easier to understand, it is the moisture that keeps the hair alive.

At least drink around five liters of water daily to retain the shine and strength of your hair. Ladies, you must take care of this factor to the most!

Hair and vitamins: This you know very well. Use plenty of oil and shampoos rich in hair vitamins. Eat carrots, green leafy vegetables and milk for a natural source of vitamins for your body.

Hair needs specifically Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C (to some extent) and Vitamin E. Right from the scalp, on which the hair grows until the tips of the hair, to inhibit the formation of split ends, these forms of vitamins are a must.

When most of the nutrients of a balanced diet have been found to be typically useful for healthy hair, how can the minerals remain behind? Minerals do supplement essential nutrient factors for the growth of healthy hair and also important for its maintenance.

As the mineral zinc is essential to prevent unnecessary hair loss, iron pumps the life carrying air which is oxygen into the hair roots. This keeps the surface of the hair shiny and silky.

Instead of going for copper colors to add a shade in your hair, eat copper-rich foods like meat and liver, green vegetables and seeds, etc. Hair pigmentation largely depends on the copper content in your hair.

So change your food habit both for the sake of your health and hair! And enjoy the difference!

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