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Look Younger With A Browlift Surgery

As we grow older fine lines start to invade our faces including the areas surrounding our eyes and the forehead.

With these fine lines along the areas of your forehead you look older than you actually are. If you are dismayed over these marks of age on your face, you can consider a browlift.

A browlift which is also known as a forehead lift is an effective solution to get rid of the fine lines and wrinkles around the upper eye area, the area just above the nose, and along the forehead.

This cosmetic surgery is claimed to be one of the techniques for getting instant results.

A forehead lift, done by an experienced surgeon can shake off a considerable number of years from your age counting. To begin with there are two major techniques of browlift, namely the classic and endoscopic.

At the core level, both methods are the same which involves the tying back of the hair on either side of the incision line with the help of rubber bands. The hairs that fall directly in front of the incision line require to be trimmed.

In a classic browlift a coronal incision is made. Another incision is made behind the hairline which starts at ear level on one side of the head.

The incision then continues along the top of the head till it reaches the other ear. This keeps the scar invisible.

This surgery involves the lifting of the skin. The tissues lying underneath are removed and exposed muscles are either altered or released.

The areas near eyebrows are also lifted. The excess skin is trimmed off and the incision is closed either by stitches or by clipping.

In an endoscopic browlift, more than one incision is made on the scalp instead of one long one as made in the classic brow lift.

Here the incisions are not long more than one inch. The endoscope or a pencil-like camera device is inserted through an incision.

The camera is connected to a television monitor and the surgeon performs the operation by getting a better view of the muscles and tissue beneath the skin.

Another instrument is inserted through a nearby incision to remove or alter the muscles or tissues underneath the skin.

It also includes the lifting of the eyebrows and makes them secure with sutures. Sometimes temporary fixation screws may be placed behind the hairline.

A browlift surgery promises you a simple and fast recovery. Within 7 days stitches or staples will be cut off.

However, you have to go along with the temporary fixation screws for two more weeks. Patients are generally allowed to resume their normal course of activities within ten days’ time.

Those who undergo an endoscopic browlift can get back to their normal routine even sooner. However, the patients are advised to stay away from strenuous activities that involve physical labor for more than a month.

Because these activities may increase blood pressure. Also, exposure to direct heat or sun is also restricted for a longer stretch of time.

It takes just a few weeks to get rid of the visible signs of surgical scars. In between you can make use of make up to hide the signs of surgery. After all the scars have disappeared and bruisings are gone you will look noticeably younger.

If you are a heavy smoker, you would be asked to refrain from smoking for about two weeks before the surgery takes place, as smoking delays the healing process.

There will be other restrictions from the surgeon which should be religiously followed for the sake of the success of the operation.

Most important of all you have to be careful enough not to consume such drugs as aspirin, Advil, Motrin, ibuprofen, warfarin, and certain arthritis medications which may lead to increased bleeding.

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