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Problem Of Dry Hair: Tips To Overcome

Why are you looking so dull? Even she paused for a moment. She was wearing her usual makeup.

A matte-finished lipstick in the light brownish shade, brown eyeliners, brown lens, pearl earrings, and a yellow-brown combination long skirt! Still, she was missing that charm! What was wrong with the entire get up? She wondered.

Soon my eyes taking a swift look on her face and attire shifted to her hair. There it was! The root of the flaw in the flawless makeup she was carrying throughout along with her natural beauty.

How come your hair has become so dry that it seems to suck the entire glow and softness out of your skin? And that’s spoiling your beauty.

The sensitivity of her face was lost into a rough image and she lacked that innocence in her looks.

The problem of dry hair is nothing new and to cope up with it is also not something too difficult. Only you have to maintain regularity in oiling your hair and keeping it clean and fresh, adding more oxygen for its better growth.

What is the normal moisture present in the hair? The content of moisture should be something around ten percent and crossing this level in both directions will result in making your hair dry or oily.

With the lessening of the amount of moisture, it is obvious that the level of water, hence oxygen gets lowered. With this lowering hair actually loses its life.

EFA or essential fatty acids are the most important nutrients to retain the necessary level of moisture in your hair. When you face the problem of dry hair, the hair specialists often suggest you to use moisturizers that contain EFA in considerable amounts.

EFA comes in two forms. The natural way and as oils to be used externally! The direct source of essential fatty acids to keep the state of your hair moisten is produces by the scalp itself which is known as sebum.

This is produced naturally from this part and keeps the hair strong with a life in it. But this can only be effective until the length of your hair is short or touching your shoulders.

The natural EFA cannot touch long lengths. Thus this is a common problem faced by women having long hair that the lower part of the hair become dry first and grows split ends.

And slowly the hair gets damaged with the lack of proper nourishment of moisture.

Safflower oil is a very good moisturizer containing the essential fatty acids needed for hair care. This is an effective treatment to combat with the problem of dry hair.

There is a special way of applying this oil. Better know that first before initiating the process.

Generally, you oil the scalp first and then shift to the ends. While using safflower oil the technique is just the reverse.

Two drops of safflower oil thoroughly rubbed in both of your palms and then you should begin the hair massage from the lower tips and slowly move upwards to the scalp.

This is done for two reasons. One the scalp has a natural source of producing EFA and most important the dryness of hair is mostly felt with the length from the bottom.

Don’t wash your hair after massaging it with the oil. Use the oil only when your hair is dry, not before or after bath.

The oil must remain there for quite some time to access the nourishment of your hair. Don’t worry that your hair will grow sticky. No!

The amount of oil is so minute that it won’t make a difference in the appearance but will afford a long term effect with the recovery from dryness in your hair.

Keep the safflower oil ready and use it from time-to-time so that the moisture content of your hair can be balanced and you don’t look dull in spite of holding that mesmerizing appeal in your eyes. Understood!

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