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Made With Care! Crafts To Be Shared On Thanksgiving Ceremony

It really makes you feel good if you can make a gift with your own hands and give it to a friend.

This gift might not cost a lot, but the care you give will leave an imprint because the hand-making of it will make the piece invaluable.

For the Thanksgiving holiday, what can be better than handmade crafts?

When making these little items, you can really show your affection. Anyone would love to receive a handmade craft, including you.

So, learn some easy ways of making crafts that can be great fun and also a wonderful thing to share with your friends and family.

Autumn placemats: These are both useful on floors and are very decorative hung on the walls. You can get some photographs of children playing and rejoicing in a gala mood.

Leaves are a must and then you will need contact paper to make a base. Also, obtain some acrylic colors, scissors, knives, and glue for cutting and pasting.

Making placemats is very easy. Even your kids can assist you in the crafting process. Spread the paper sheet straight on the table or the floor.

Color it with acrylic paints in patches if you want. If not, then just fix the leaves in a pattern to build a shape, whatever you wish.

Put the photograph right in the center and then add acrylic tones to create a blend of light and shadow.

When you are finished with your artistic decoration, give the mat ample time to dry, or everything will instantly get spoiled. Finally, use the contact paper for lamination. Unless you do that, the mat will be unusable.

Wrap this craft in transparent cellophane paper, and it can be just the gift for your best friend from school.

Apple doll: Any kid will love to get this one, especially on Thanksgiving. You might have your friend’s kids or a young person to share a gift with. An apple doll is just perfect to cheer them up.

Apples and a few fabricated cloth pieces are the basic items you will require. For tools you will need; a vegetable peeler, a pair of scissors, rubber bands, and plastic bottles, and pieces of colorful wool or strings.

An apple will become the face and will be crafted to give it the best look. You will need to peel it the way you want the doll to look.

For the body, the plastic bottle can be wrapped with scraps of cloth. You can cover it with the fabric of different colors and designs.

Further, make little bows to cover the head and the little apple doll is ready. As the apple dries, the doll starts losing its appeal.

This doesn’t make any difference to the toddlers, because they can still play with an apple doll for a couple of weeks.

Nature T-shirts: This can be an emotional gift for your boyfriend or your fiancé. Buy a good colored t-shirt and then do the rest of the crafting on your own. The color must be solid and should not fade.

You can decorate the t-shirt as part of the autumnal spirit for Thanksgiving Day. So use leaves of various shapes, petals of flowers, and ferns to design the front side of the t-shirt.

The impression of these natural objects will hold the center of the design and for that, you must bleach it in a spaying mode.

When the impressions take the shape, gently wipe the parts of flowers, etc. and the t-shirt should be given a gentle wash.

This will neither allow the fabric to get damaged nor hurt the design you have made. Dry it and press it well before you wrap it in gift paper.

Then, wait to watch the glow in your beloveds face after receiving this handcrafted gift.

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