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Make A Lens On Squidoo To Boost Your Internet Marketing

Squidoo has been part of the new Web 2.0 category of internet marketing tools since 2005. Squidoo allows an author to create a lens, a one-page website, which focuses on any subject for free.

A particular lens can draw information from numerous sources and place it all on one page for easy viewing and reading.

A lens maker can create numerous lenses on a subject, focusing attention on a different aspect of the subject with each lens.

On the other hand, a lens maker can make numerous lenses that cover many different topics, reflecting the lens makers’ different interests and expertise.

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Internet Marketing

One of the many good uses for Squidoo lenses is to use the lens as part of an overall internet marketing strategy.

One or more good lenses can help to bring attention, traffic, and credibility to a product or business by providing valuable information and resources.

Additionally, the lens can help to establish the author as an expert in their field and a person whose advice should be taken seriously.

The single page websites that Squidoo allows an author to create are called lenses because the finished website focuses on a single subject or idea.

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This focused attention on a subject is very attractive to users of the internet who are constantly searching for answers to questions or problems.

The internet search engines whose job it is to find good, focused websites that will answer the questions or problems are attracted to the lenses.

Therefore, the use of Squidoo lenses has become a valuable internet resource for building and marketing a business.

Basic Modules

There are numerous tools available on Squidoo to build a lens. Most of these tools are called modules.

The modules create separate sections on the overall web page. Other tools available on Squidoo include the author’s biographical area, a keyword list called tags, the lens title or headline, a lensroll, and an RSS subscription for readers.

One of the basic modules allows the author to write short articles about various aspects of the lens’s subject.

Another basic module makes it easy to list and describe appropriate links to offsite information that complements the subject of the lens.

For internet marketing purposes the author can use these basic modules to link to their own websites, thereby driving traffic to their own business.

Other basic modules provide links to commercial internet resources such as eBay, Amazon, Starbucks, CompUSA, and many other businesses.

These are where the reader can be directed to the author’s own merchandise offerings or to merchandise and information that supports the author’s own business.

These modules can also provide some income, as the lens maker earns a small percentage of the sales of merchandise on these commercial websites.

Interactive Modules

Many modules are interactive in nature, which is why Squidoo is considered to be part of the new Web 2.0 category of interactive websites.

Readers can respond to many of the modules, adding their own favorites to certain categories. For example, readers can add their favorite YouTube videos to the list of videos on the lens or add their favorite pictures to the lens’s list.

Additionally, readers can add their favorite links to a list of links that the author has provided on the lens, or they can add their comments or responses to questions asked by the lens’s author.

One of the favorite interactive modules is the voting module where readers can vote on a question by the lens’s author or vote on a listing of favorite resources.

All of the interactive modules have the effect of creating new content for the lens. The benefit to the lens maker is that the new lens content makes their lens more searchable by the many internet search engines.

This is an obvious boost to the lens maker’s overall internet marketing strategy.

Syndicated Content Modules

Another category of modules is that of syndicated content that is drawn from other websites. For example, if the lens maker has a blog on the same subject as his lens, he can have the blog posts automatically directed to the lens each time he creates a new blog post.

Other types of syndicated content include articles from magazines and newspapers. The lens maker can automatically draw content related to the subject of the lens each time a new article appears in the specified periodicals.

Similar to reader interactivity, this constantly changing syndicated content refreshes the lens on a regular basis, making it more attractive to the internet search engines and giving a boost to the lens maker’s internet marketing efforts.

Creating a Squidoo lens can be fun as well as wise. It is fun because the tools produce a lens with a wide range of variety and creativity.

And it is wise because the lens will help the lens maker market their business more successfully.

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