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No Turkey This Time! Something Special For Thanksgiving Dinner

When the spirit of Thanksgiving Day is in the air, you must be ready with the recipes that you would like to prepare.

Last year’s turkey cuisines were really delicious, but this year, you’ve decided to shift from the traditional course.

Is it really so? To go along with the turkey, what else would whet your appetite as well as the appetite of your invited guests?

You need not stress your nerves in searching for alternatives for turkey recipes. Instead, catch up quickly with a special menu that you can prepare yourself on this Thanksgiving Day.

Duck can serve as a good alternative

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You can bid goodbye to the turkey and welcome ducks in their place. You can call the recipe a duck roast with orange glaze.

So, duck and orange will be the common ingredients required. The roasting process of the duck is a bit time consuming, but for one day it can be managed, what do you say?

After removing all of the feathers, the duck flesh has to be washed thoroughly with cold water. Then, in several areas of the body, you should pierce with a needle or a fork for the roasting process.

Add salt and pepper, and put the whole body in the pan for roasting. The initial process has to be conducted at a very high temperature, at around 375 degrees F.

How long? At least this first half should be for more than an hour, approximately an hour and a half.

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In the second part, the countdown begins. No more excessive heat will be required to roast the duck.

At 350 degrees, you will have to bring the temperature down and melt away all fat from the duck’s body. The next session of roasting will continue for another hour.

Prepare the orange glaze – that would be yummy with this roasted duck. The preparation is quite simple and won’t take much of your time.

You will have to mix orange juice, brandy, marmalade, and, for sweetening, sugar, and honey. Simply stirring them well in a beaker won’t make it nice.

Instead, heat the whole thing in a saucepan at a low temperature for about ten minutes. While simmering, stirring is a must because that will mix the whole thing well.

Once the orange glaze is prepared, the roasted duck has to be covered with it. Instead of dipping the roasted duck in the orange glaze, the better and faster method is to use a spoon and spread the glaze on the duck.

This way you will know the exact areas where this glaze should go.

In the final round, you are left with the last seasoning. The roasted duck with the orange glaze is then placed in the oven to be cooked for another fifteen minutes.

At last, the roasted duck is placed on a serving dish and kept at room temperature for ten to fifteen minutes before you dig in for your first bite.

The temptation may be strong, yet you will have to resist. Or else, you will burn your tongue and all your mouthwatering sensations will go in vain.

Your guests are going to love seeing this change from the conventional. It may create hype on your cooking creativity. Not bad at all!

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