Non-Surgical Face-lifts Position 1: Using Acupressure To Look Younger


To start your non-surgical, natural face-lift, point both of your forefingers skyward (Like you are pretending that your forefingers are gun barrels) and place the tips of them onto the skin just under the hairline. The tips of your forefingers must be just in line with the pupils of your eyes.

Now make small inward circles with your fingertips (the fingertips should be moving towards each other when making the circles).

Do not press too hard so as to make indentations in the skin. Massage as directed for at least 1 minute. (You can do this for as long as you wish).

This acupressure point is called Mei Jung. It opens the flow of energy into your face, and the thin muscles in the vicinity of your fingertips will be energized so that you will experience increased blood flow to the surrounding skin and tissue.

This will treat the wrinkles and lines on your forehead. Continuous massaging of this area over a period of time will cause your lines and wrinkles to diminish and soften, or even disappear.

There are other advantages too: This acupressure point relieves headaches, and sits astride the meridian lines of the gall bladder and the liver, which will ultimately benefit these organs.

You might experience a pleasant tingling sensation in your abdomen whilst you perform this exercise on these points.

Acupressure as a means to a non-surgical face-lift is very effective, and with time you should see the lines begin to smooth on the forehead as long as you apply the massage to the area for at least one minute per day for the first 30 days, and apply the massage for 2-3 times a week there after, to maintain your progress.

Wendy Wilken is the renown author of Facelift Without Surgery and a practitioner of natural anti-aging techniques. For more articles on non-surgical facelifts and anti-aging, visit her blog at