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Presenting Your Home For Sale

Ok you have found the home of your dreams. So now it is time to sell Old Faithful, your family home.

It has been many a long year but the old house has done its job and now it is time to move on. It is now time to think about presenting your home for sale.

It has been a long time since you have sold a property and the real estate market has got very sophisticated. So what do you do.

Well, although many aspects of selling real estate have become more sophisticated the basics will always remain the same and top of the list is presentation. Keep the house up to scratch.

First appearances go a long way when it comes to selling real estate. Make sure that everything to do with the exterior of your home is looking well kept and inviting.

Keep everything neat and tidy, have the lawns mowed and the edges trimmed. Keep the flower beds weeded and colorful. Make sure that everything is clean and tidy with all those little paint and maintenance jobs completed.

Make sure the garage is neat and tidy and remember to keep the doors closed if you are not going in and out.

So that is the outside and the first real estate impression that your home projects. That is now taken care of and we move inside the house. The interior must be inviting.

Again keep the house clean and tidy but do not go to the extreme of making it look like nobody lives there. Make it feel lived in and comfortable.

Attend to all those little maintenance jobs, such as leaking taps, creaking doors, blown light bulbs and damaged decor.

Eliminate all the negative aspects so that your purchaser is able to enjoy the positive dream of how they might feel living in your house.

When people visit make sure that the house is as inviting as possible with TV or loud music turned off and pets out of the way or under control. The house should be warm and cozy in winter and cool and well ventilated in summer.

One last thing if you are using a real estate agent. Leave the house when the agent arrives with his prospective purchasers and leave them to get on with selling your house. That is what you have employed the agent to do.

They are the professionals and know how to keep their clients focused on the positive aspects of your home.

All too often home owners can simply be a distraction that can ultimately kill the opportunity to sell the property.

So the best of luck, relax, get your real estate sold and move on to the next chapter in home ownership. Presenting your home for sale properly is important as first impressions count.

People my come back several times before they buy but if they have not been very impressed on the first visit or drive by, then you have no opportunity to give prospective purchasers all the less obvious benefits that your home offers and you will miss many genuine buyers.

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