Recent Trends In Vacuuming Technology


As it comes to the commercial establishments, there is rather a close association between the vacuuming technology and cleaning of these places.

How could you possibly keep your business premises clean without the help of a vacuum cleaner!

However, some f the recent trends in vacuuming technology have made this colossal task of the business establishments much easier.

Living room with a vacuum cleaner to tidy up

Past few years saw a range of innovations in the development of commercial vacuum cleaners to make them more users friendly. Variety has been introduced to make them more multi tasking. 

  • Light weight features

Over the past few years, the vacuum cleaners are becoming more and more light weight. It becomes easier for the operator to use a light weight vacuum cleaner.

Few years ago a light weight vacuum cleaner meant a smaller motor and that tended to reduce the power of the cleaner. The components also used to be weaker in the lighter weight vacuum cleaners.

But with the introduction of latest technologies, this is no longer the case. The latest trend in vacuum technology gave birth to the motor that is small in size but as efficient as its larger counterpart. In fact today’s motors are even more powerful than what they used to be ten years ago.

As such, today’s vacuum cleaners are sleek and light weight without compromising on their brush speed or suction power.

  • Cordless features for increased maneuverability

Maneuverability becomes the guiding factor in the choice of commercial vacuum cleaners. Because the operators have to perform the task of cleaning quickly over a short span of time as they have to cover the large areas of industrial establishments, yet have to maintain the quality of the cleaning.

The recent trends in the commercial vacuum cleaners show that the manufacturers have taken this issue of maneuverability quite seriously.

The latest technical development has introduced a special tool that adds to the labor saving feature of the modern vacuum cleaners. Thus today’s trendy vacuum cleaners come as back pack cordless units.

With these sophisticated units the commercial cleaners no longer have to negotiate the long chords and as such these powerful battery powered cordless units are giving their plug-in cousins good deal of competition.

These cutting edge rechargeable back pack vacuum cleaners are costlier than the ordinary models, but in the long term they prove to be more cost effective by saving on the labor.

  • Reduced noise

All of us have the experiences of getting intrigued by the buzzing sounds of vacuum cleaners in the malls, theaters or in other public areas.

But again with a new set of vacuuming technologies, noise is no longer a problem for vacuuming in public areas.

Previously, in the public places, the cleaners used to employ mechanical sweeper vacuum called a hokey for the cleaning purposes.

These small devices are good for sucking up small amount of debris in the domestic areas. But in the commercial places they lack the ability to render proper result as they lack both the power and suction to complete the task satisfactorily.

These mechanical sweeping devices are being fast replaced by the new vacuum sweepers that are being extensively used in the commercial places like market, hotel lobbies and so on.

You charge them once and these new kind of small vacuum cleaners can run up to 2 hours.  They are also armed with the feature of multiple batteries with recharging units for extended use.