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Relationships Then And Courtship Now

Relationships then and Courtship now

Romance has existed for as long as men and women have been around, and perhaps in the days of old, should we relive the days of the cavemen, romance would include stalking ones prey and eventually knocking the woman’s head with a huge stick and dragging her to his cave; it now includes getting her drunk in a night club and dragging her to his bed after meeting online.

I for one, would like to see more romance and tradition when it comes to courtship and marriage. In the days of old, well not so old that men would wonder heavily wooded areas in search for a formidable stick, but in the days where the man asks for permission to visit the woman and the courtship is lightly supervised until he proposes to her in from of the parents.

Here now, I submit my idea of an ideal romance.

First we meet, and keeping up with today’s latest gadgets, at work or in a dating site or by an act of perfect serendipity, he spots you from far and realizes at that moment that he cannot let the time pass by without finding out about you.

After the meeting, follow a series of nice gestures and it’s a fortnight before we decide to go out, he behaves most gentlemanly and then he walks me to my apartment and gives me an innocent kiss on the cheeks.

Then, follow a formal agreement to start dating. Then he meets my father and asks permission in a manner of speaking, to be able to visit me at home. Then he visits me regularly, taking small gifts or tokens of affection and the kisses go progressing to where we remain lip locked for longer.

When he decides to propose, he plans an incredible surprise, without letting me on to anything. He then pops the question, before popping my proverbial cherry. Then we get married in a couple of months.

We go to an utterly romantic place for our honeymoon and there we consummate the love, and experience after great anticipation each other’s body and revel in the absolute delight of love making.

Of course, then come the kids and well, you know how it ends. We need more romance in the world, more people who get inspired to write prose and more people willing to give their life for love.

Chastity is a scary word to a lot of people, but when you think of it in a wonderful concept of waiting until it is just right to make love, then love becomes something spectacular and not just some meaningless hymen penetration.

I know my ideas about romance seem outdated when it comes to marriage and courtship, but I would rather a hundred times the old way than today’s date-rape fiascos and eventually patched up marriages.

I am not saying that sex before marriage will makes you a less worthy person, I am merely suggesting that waiting and not being promiscuous is a wonderful thing that shows not only respect and deep love for your future spouse, perhaps more importantly, it shows respect for yourself.

So then, when it comes to marriage, it is a wonderful thing, it is a lifetime commitment where people decide to share one life and live for each other.

Perhaps we cannot change this evolving and revolving word. All we can do, is stand our ground, and people who share our ideas will eventually find us and love that once seemed impossible will be at your feet.

So, then, my dear lady, love freely, live happily, be loved absolutely and take the time just think of what kind of romance you are willing to allow for. It’s not my fault I love you, it’s yours, so take care and be good.

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