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Sales Tips For The Home Based Business

Working out of the home often means juggling multiple tasks and wearing many hats. But look out.

When there is so much to do that there is little time left over for sales and marketing activity, sales can dry up and often do. Here are some ways to avoid that.

1. Monthly Focus Each month, grab your calendar and see which holidays are coming up.

Then focus some type of activity around them. At least minimally, setup a direct mail campaign through the U.S. Post Office site ( in these quick steps:

Choose one of their postcards.

With their online tools, edit the back with a quick note, sale of some type & referral request.

Load an Excel document of addresses, pay and send.

2. Ad Campaign –

Plan ahead with advertising representatives by gathering their media kits and asking about special deals or rates they may have for you.

Then follow up and plan a 12- to 16-month campaign, even if its just a small classified that runs regularly.

That way you’ll always be covered whether you’re too busy to care or not. You can always supplement with cross-promotional pieces. But at least, set up a foundation to get you through the year.

For inexpensive ads to run throughout the year, check out neighborhood newspapers and free or cheap magazines and papers that are placed inside public libraries, large grocery stores and country-type restaurants. PennySavers and Thrifty Ads are other sources.

3. Regular Income Stream –

Don’t just have all large projects. Set up a few (or several, depending upon your budget needs) smaller, regular income-producing projects to generate weekly / monthly income. And maintain a steady flow as much as possible.

In other words, if five regular, smaller jobs pay the day-to-day bills, once one of them quits or runs out of work for you, replace it as soon as possible so that you maintain your steady five as much as possible.

Some people setup affiliate programs in this manner; selling something for someone else and earning a percentage or profit for selling.

They target so much income from one source of revenue stream to cover a certain portion of expenses.

And if this runs out of steam, they beef up promotions or switch to another affiliate program.

Learn more about affiliate options from a place like Commission Junction ( Or in your favorite search engine, type in affiliate programs and see which ones are popular.

So, when you juggle, remember to mix in SOME type of regular sales and income generating opportunities. You don’t drop the ball!

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