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Secret Tips For Starting A Serious And Effective Diet

Who has not had that disastrous feeling when waking up, especially on a Monday to find that the diet you had finally decided to follow as from this morning is going to be impossible to start?

So, you end up grabbing the first thing you find, which will undoubtedly be something fattening, and rush off to work, for in addition to your unsuccessful diet start you are also late for work.

Your intention had in fact been to sit down and take your time with a bowl of bran cereal, which most people know is much healthier than a chocolate bun or croissant.

If you really intend to start a diet there are a few things you should be modifying in your daily living habits as well as your diet.

Try setting your alarm a little earlier than usual, this will leave you plenty of time to prepare a healthier diet and to appreciate what you are eating, by eating slower and digesting properly.

It is important to start off the day with a breakfast that will replenish you for the rest of the morning, in order to avoid mid-morning cravings.

Although you may not particularly enjoy the aspect of a breakfast composed with bran flakes, it is essential to eat properly at breakfast; in addition you have a wide range of extremely healthy breakfast foods from which to choose.

Go for high fibre foods with some protein content, such as cereals, which are also rich in minerals and vitamins.

Choose those cereals with whole flakes and grains, chopped nuts, dried fruit and use skimmed milk or half-skimmed milk, obviously avoid cream or whole milk to avoid excess fat intake.

You will find you will be full of energy and will not be looking around for a bar of chocolate by mid-morning.

If you do find the need to vary your breakfast slightly during the week, try oatmeal and porridge for a change, you have a wide choice in different tastes and types.

If you prepare your porridge by adding milk the night before you will be surprised by its creamy delicious texture.

In the morning all you have to do is heat up the preparation, either on the stove or the microwave oven, you may also like to add cinnamon, brown sugar or raisins even chopped bananas are delicious with porridge.

If you do have extra time in the morning you may also treat yourself to a breakfast such as baked beans on wholemeal toast, which will provide plenty of fibre, you can also add scrambled eggs and mushroom for added proteins, though it is important not to add butter or other fattening condiments.

If you are late for the office one morning, you can always opt for a cereal bar instead of your regular coffee shop, here you may choose from a yoghurt, juice or fruit, which you can eat as you travel to work.

You can always keep a spare box of cereal and milk at the office, for emergencies and have a quick breakfast before you start.

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