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Spice Up A Long Distance Romance

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, or so the cliché goes.

Indeed, love knows no distance and boundaries, and this holds true for those who have their own share of successful long-distance relationships.

A closer look into such relationships would tell you that keeping each other interested, at the very least, entails the same, if not more, amount of effort as that involved in other relationships.

The elements of trust and respect figure more prominently in keeping that love flame alive. You can be apart physically, but be right next to each other emotionally.

Not seeing each other for a long time is bad enough, but being unaware that you are not taking an extra special effort in communicating is even worse.

To make your relationship work, long-distance communication involves more than just the regular phone calls, emails, or gifts. It is the extra amount of time and effort that really matters.

Here are some unique tips on how to make a long-distance romance work.

Snail Mails

The age of technology has made almost all aspects of lives automatic, and yes, less personalized.

While getting your loving thoughts across through email is fast, inexpensive, and hassle-free, nothing beats the excitement of reading even a simple I-love-you hand-written message on perfumed stationery.

This speaks volumes of how much time, effort, and creativity you are willing to exert just to make him or her happy.

Singing Telegram

You can never go wrong with the universal language of love, music. You can do better than sending him the latest album by his favorite singer.

Why not become his favorite singer instead? Sing him his favorite songs, recorded on tape, or have it transferred to a CD.

But if you’re not up to be a singer, you can be his personal DJ instead. Compile all his favorite love songs on a CD.

But if you want to give him a ‘live’ performance, why not engage the services of a singing telegram? Singing telegrams are actually singers who can be hired to sing a song, in person or by phone, for someone.

This is a great way to commemorate a special occasion, and would also be a certified hit for non-occasions.

Video Greeting Card

You haven’t seen each other for months now, and at this point, you would give anything just to do so.

Well, you can do just that without actually flying in to see her. You can make a video greeting card or a video of yourself ‘talking’ to her through the camera while you go about your daily activities.

This is one way of letting her into your life away from her. And while you’re into it, why not make it more interesting by singing her favorite song!

Flowers Barrage

What girl wouldn’t melt at the sight of bunches upon bunches of her favorite flowers? Give her the thrill of her life by sending her a bouquet of her favorite flowers every day as a prelude to, and leading to her birthday, anniversary, or other special days.

You can make each day unpredictable by alternately sending it to her office and to the place she stays in, or by sending different kinds of flowers on different days.

Surprise Visit Have you reached the point when you feel like you can no longer stand another minute without him? By all means, go and see him without letting him know beforehand.

Buy that ticket and get on the next plane, bus, or train trip to where he is. There is nothing more romantic than showing him that you would cross across rivers and over mountains just to see him

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