The Advantages Of A Macgregor Sailboat

Macgregor Sailboat
The Advantages Of A Macgregor Sailboat

The Macgregor Sailboat is not just another boat among many. It has a history that many will tell you has changed the face of sailing. This company has always been ahead of its time in its innovations.

They invented the retracting keel that enabled the design of the trailer able sailboat. Trailer able sailboats are the biggest seller, the most popular type of sailboat on the market. Over time these sailboats became lighter and easier to move.

Following the trend of cars to become smaller, and so in this way still allowing their boats to be pulled by the vehicles of today.

Macgregor also gave the sailing industry the water ballast system. This is a safety system that has made such an impact on the sailing industry that it has been copied by all the major sailboat builders. The next step was their twenty-six series. 

They are high-powered, high-precision sailboats that can be driven very fast with the use of a low horsepower outboard motor. 

The Macgregor Sailboats are in a league completely by themselves. They are safer, faster, and better made especially after the announcement of their new 26M model three years ago.

They took a good boat and made it a great boat by making some changes. The sailboat now has a deeper v in the bottom of the hull. Its fifteen degrees in comparison to their last model that only had eight degrees.

The difference this makes is in giving the boat a smoother, less choppy ride. This includes even in rough weather. This hull shape also makes it safer when the boat is being trailered.

Based on the new design the sailboat is faster by sail as well as by motor. But more importantly, they have added some new innovative safety features. They have built a solid foam flotation into their sailboats.

That means if the boat is damaged and taking on water, it may no longer be able to sail but it won’t sink either. That can be lifesaving.

The new Macgregor Sailboat also has more cabin space. They moved the placement of the outboard motor, which added fifteen feet to the cabin space. At the same time, they improved the seating with the seats now being able to comfortably hold four people per side.

Not only more space for seating but also more comfortable seats with thicker padding. There are also more windows to better light the cabin and allow for more natural light. They have increased the headroom so there is less opportunity to bump your head when in the cabin area.

Macgregor Sailboats have been made to give you as much comfort and ease of use that a sailboat possibly can.

They are so obviously designed to give their customers every advantage that they can possibly offer including comfort, speed, and safety all for a reasonable price.

Macgregor and all their innovative work were honored as the sailboat builders who have made sailboats affordable to the average enthusiast over for the last thirty years.