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The Different Kinds Of Beauty Pageants

There are so many beauty pageants right now.  There are beauty pageants for those who are really serious about it and are making this their career.  But then again, there are beauty pageants that are just for fun. 

There are those that give out prizes, but then again, there are those that do not.  But this does not stop many from joining them.  They are, after all, after the title and glory of having won the pageant.

When there were only pageants for women, now there are many kinds of pageants.  Here are some of them.

Baby Beauty Pageants

Yup.  If you have a cute baby, then join him or her in beauty pageants.  Baby beauty pageants are really cute to look at.  Who would not find them amusing?  It is like they also know what it is for as some of them seem to be in their best behavior. 

And, of course, the winner will bring home not only the trophy and the honor of having won but a lot of cool prizes as well as baby products and items.  There are those also that give out cash as prizes.

Teen Beauty Pageants

This is the prelude to entering the known and popular beauty pageants.  This is where it all starts.  The winner who wins gets to compete at a larger beauty pageant, giving herself exposure along the way. 

This is why teenagers who join in these beauty pageants all get dolled up.  They go to beauty salons to get their nails and hair done, and they go to their favorite beauty care facility to get their makeup done. 

They also go to a beauty spa to be pampered.  Teenagers will go to any length to be the most beautiful and the wittiest of the bunch to win in prestigious beauty pageants and to get recognition and fame and, in the long run, join Ms. Universe or Miss America or other large beauty pageants there are.

Other Beauty Pageants

As weird as it sounds, the gay community even has its own beauty pageants where gays who have the looks and the guts can join in.

There are beauty pageants for married women also.  The prizes can range from cash prizes to appliance showcases.

Some beauty pageants have themes like for example a beauty pageant for the person with the most beautiful body like in bikini contests.  Whatever kind of pageant there is, it will always be entertaining and fun to watch.

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