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The Eight Natural Doctors To Keep You Healthy

Everyday living in today’s society can be very taxing on our bodies. With hectic work schedules and quick or skipped meals, we are damaging and destroying our bodies a little bit more every day.

A very sure solution would be to employ eight natural doctors to aid in your healing process. Don’t worry, they will not charge you any money, in fact, these doctors will actually help you save money.

Once you have followed the advice of these eight natural doctors, you will experience a new start in life. And ‘New Start’ is an easy way to remember these doctors. Let’s take a brief look at them one at a time.


N – Nutrition
It is important to “watch what you eat”. Eating a lot of trans-fatty foods will not only make you overweight but will aid in clogging your arteries.

Eating plenty of fresh, green, leafy vegetables is a great way to help your body get the vitamins and nutrients it needs to function properly.

E – Exercise
The reason exercise is important is because this is how your heart gets stronger. A stronger heart means better blood flow. If you spend 30 minutes, three days a week, working out, not only will you feel better, but your mental abilities will also improve.

For exercise to be effective, it must be progressive, systematic, and habitual. The more you exercise, the stronger every part of your body will become.

W – Water
It used to be said that you should drink 8 glasses of water each day. Today that number is debated as to whether that specific number applies to everybody or not.

The bottom line is that your body is comprised of mostly water. Your brain needs plenty of freshwaters every day in order to function properly.

While your body can go for three days without water, your brain will start to experience negative effects within 12 to 14 hours. There is no substitute for water, not even sports drinks. By drinking plenty of water every day, your brain, kidneys, and most internal organs will function more efficiently.

S – Sunshine
Taking a break from your cubicle every day and getting into the sunshine will do more for you than you may realize.

According to Dr. Tedd Mitchell, in his article for USA Weekend, recent studies suggest that the sun’s ability to stimulate vitamin D production in the skin can make it an incredible boon to the body in fighting certain kinds of cancers, including some skin cancers.

Taking short, regular breaks to allow your body to be exposed to sunshine is a good way to help you stay healthy.

T – Temperance
Temperance is keeping everything in moderation. We all know about being temperate in eating; don’t overeat or you will gain weight, etc. But temperance should be used in all areas.

For example, too much sunshine can cause skin cancer, so limit how much sun you actually expose yourself to. In order to maintain a healthy life, you must use each of these natural doctors in moderation. Don’t overdo it in any area. Keeping well-balanced is the key to good health.

A – Air
Getting plenty of fresh air is extremely important; you cannot live more than a few minutes without it. Make sure that your homes and offices are properly ventilated.

If possible, open some windows to provide cross-ventilation. Most people leave their windows shut during the winter months, causing the air to become stagnant and ill-smelling.

If you cannot open the windows in your office, make sure you take your breaks outside so you can give your body the necessary oxygen it needs to keep healthy. When you are able to go outside and take ten deep breaths, it is like giving yourself an oxygen cocktail. Your body loves it.

R – Rest
Maybe you have heard that children grow while they sleep. This is true. During rest, your body is able to grow and to rebuild itself.

The brain tissue is being restored and the nerves are re-charged while you sleep. If you skimp on sleep, your body does not have adequate time to re-condition itself and to heal itself. Getting the necessary hours of sleep each night is important to maintain a healthy body.

T – Trust in God
Trusting in God is the most important of all-natural doctors. If we believe that we were created in His image and that He sent His Son to redeem us, we should have no problem trusting Him to take care of us and to keep us healthy.

If we do our part in eating nutritiously, exercising, drinking plenty of water, getting plenty of sunshine, being temperate in all areas, getting plenty of fresh air, and getting plenty of rest, God will do His part in sustaining our life to the fullest and keeping it healthy. Just trust Him, He knows what He’s doing.

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