The Growing Martial Arts Industry

The Growing Martial Arts Industry
The Growing Martial Arts Industry

The martial arts market continues to anticipate strong growth well into the future. Not because of the exposure through popular media, but in spite of it.

The unrealistic interpretations of what the human body can do through increasingly sophisticated technology create optical delusions of what the martial arts are about.

Also, the sheer brute force of the Ultimate Fighting Championship has left many parents queasy and unsure about registering their children in the martial arts.

Why then does it continue to grow? People are seeing through the violence to the peaceful power of the art.

Contrary to popular belief, becoming a great fighter or eleventh-degree black belt are not the goals of martial arts.

The main tenets of the martial arts encourage the practitioner to be respectful, virtuous, and brave.

And even though the art wields a deadly power its aim is gentleness and love for life. Compassion, intelligence, and wisdom are innate attributes of the art.

There is little doubt that concentration; focus, discipline, determination, respect, and confidence are qualities that seem to be in short supply today.

Over the last half-century, the emergence of television, fast food, and an increasingly fast-paced lifestyle has drawn many people in the West into an instant gratification mind-sets.

Kids seem to be more wound up, less tuned-in to the natural world around them, and less interested in school.

Is it any wonder? Parents are working longer and harder than ever before and electronics–whether they are televisions, computers, and video games–now act as convenient baby sitters. Children are getting less exercise of their minds and bodies.

This is where martial arts succeed.

As we accelerate further into the twenty-first century, there is a growing need for helpful tools to expand our mental capabilities.

Embedded in ancient art lay a wealth of information for this century, useful knowledge to thrive in this new era of rapid change.

Parents that want to give their kids the very best chance of growing toward a successful life filled with opening doors of opportunity are turning to martial arts.

Despite the senselessly violent way the media has depicted the art.

The most common question people have is, “What form of martial arts is best?” The easy answer is all forms are good; all schools are not.

Ways to tell if a martial arts school is good:

1: Does the school offer a free trial?

A good martial arts school will offer free classes because it’s their best sales tool. Be leery of a school trying to sign you up before testing the product.

2: Are you as a parent allowed to watch the classes? If not why?

3: Do the teachers treat each other and all students with respect and courtesy?

4: Do the kids in the school treat each other and adults with respect and courtesy?

5: Are students, for the most part, having fun? Can you imagine trying to drag your children to a place they don’t like?

If you want to feel more secure, eliminate or lessen fear, enhance your self-image, and/or grow and experience new things the martial arts may be for you.

Search out some schools in your area and ask for free trial classes. What have you got to lose?