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The Most Common Therapies For Treating Arthritis Are Not Effective

A study by the Arthritis Research Campaign affirmed that most common therapies used to treat rheumatoid arthritis do not work.

They found that twenty percent of the therapies for osteoarthritis and seventy percent of those for rheumatoid arthritis was not effective.

In Osteoarthritis there is a disintegration of cartilage in the joints, while in rheumatoid arthritis, which is the most common type of arthritis the joints become inflamed, such as the knees, spine, hips and fingers.

Researchers studied the effects of both medicine applied to the skin and taken orally, finding that, out of 21 treatments only 8 had some effect on rheumatoid arthritis, while the others had none or very little.

As for osterarthritis treatments, out of 27, 6 had very little effect or none at all.

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The only treatment, which was a hundred percent effective, was fish body oil, which considerably reduced stiff joints and aches.

Other examined treatments were those for fibromyalgia, an illness that irradiates extensive joint and muscle aches, none of these were found to be particularly good in treating pain.

The researches also examined the side effects of some of the treatments components, identifying that 25 percent of these produce side effects.

The research does not intend to dissuade people suffering from the mentioned ailments, from the use of these treatments, but is merely aimed at providing useful information.

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