The Trend In Tattoo Art

The Trend In Tattoo Art
The Trend In Tattoo Art

Before, tattoos are seen as ruining the human body.  Who would, in their right minds, want to subject their bodies to painful tattoos and tattooing their bodies with those designs?

Now, tattoo art is fast becoming such a trend that everybody seems to want one.

From simple little heart-shaped designs to elaborate leopard tattoo art all over one’s body, it is no longer jaw-dropping to see a man full of tattoo art all over his face and body stroll along the city streets.

Brief History of Tattoo Art

Tattoo art is not an invention of modern times.  In fact, the history of tattoo art dates way back thousands of years ago.  They had a different meaning then when tattoo art was part of their culture, religion, and tradition.

It signifies a man’s strength and ones rite of passage.  It was also used to show a man’s rank and status in his society.  The more elaborate his tattoo designs were, the more high-ranking that person was. 

Tattoos also served as some sort of talisman against evil doers or an amulet for good luck.  It was also used to mark the society’s slaves and outcasts like the convicts.

Whatever reason tattoo art was used before, it has significance to the wearer.

Now, it is not unusual to see a person who has a tattoo art on his body and does not know the meaning or the significance behind it.  When asked, the answer will be; it looks good on me.

But then again, there are those who get tattooed who do know the meaning behind his design.

Choosing Your Tattoo Art

Of course, when you choose your tattoo art design, always make sure that you know its relevance. It will be stupid to have a Chinese character tattooed on your back, and you do not even know how it is pronounced, let alone its meaning!

So choose a tattoo art design that has significance to your life.  That way, when you look at it, it will always remind you of that significance, and it will be worth it.

It will save you from the embarrassment of saying I don’t know when asked about the meaning behind your tattoo art.

If you cannot make your own design, there are a lot of tattoo shops that have a lot of tattoo art designs in their catalogs.  You could choose one from them.  Just make sure that the one that you will be picking is really what you want.