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The Uniqueness of The American Beauty

Each one of us is different, and nobody looks the same. If you look closely, even identical twins look different from each other.  Each race has its own beauty.

For example, the Chinese people are known for their kinky eyes, and the African people are known for their kinky hair.

Europeans have their own beauty, and Asians have their own.  But American beauty sets them apart from the rest of the world. They have their own look, a look unique only to them.

What Sets the American Beauty Apart?

If you look closely at an American beauty, you will see her difference from the rest of the races.  She looks European but you know she is not.  Why is that, you may ask?

American beauty is different than the rest of the races because, first and foremost, Americans are a combination of different races that intermarried and had children.

Each race gave its own uniqueness to the child, thus, giving the child an exotic and unique look.  Since America has so many kinds of races living in the country, it is no wonder then that so many beautiful children were created.

There is no real American beauty.  American beauty is a beautiful blending of the races that intermarried.

American beauty also portrays a strong and confident woman.  She is shaped by her environment, and this environment is what made her into what she is today – a strong and confident woman who is comfortable in her own skin.

Beauty Pageants and American Beauty

There are so many beauty pageants out there that showcase American beauty.  The most popular beauty pageant is Miss America.

Here, every state has its own candidate, and they all compete for the title of Miss America.  Whoever wins the coveted title wins not only the honor and the glamour of being Miss America, but she also gets to help a lot of people.

She becomes a spokesperson and becomes the role model of the youth.  Because of this, only those beautiful young girls who possess real American beauty can join in the pageant.

They should have an impeccable reputation because they will be the role model of the youth and the representative of what an American lady is like – gentle, serene, poised, strong, and confident.

Beauty pageants and contests are not just about beautiful girls competing against each other.  It is about representing what an American beauty is and how she represents the Americans as a whole.

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