The Worst Reptiles And Amphibians You Should Not Pet

The Worst Reptiles And Amphibians You Should Not Pet
The Worst Reptiles And Amphibians You Should Not Pet

Pets come in various forms and sizes, can be furry or smooth, can walk, swim or slither, but make sure you realize that some pets just cannot be cuddled!

We are going to mention in this post the worst reptiles and amphibians you should not try to make your pats.

Reptiles can be very poisonous and even too dangerous to look after. Vipers, notably pit vipers are very poisonous. A well-known type is a rattlesnake; its bite can be deadly if not treated immediately.

The Water Moccasin is not only venomous but also aggressive and is known to attack intentionally. It is useful to know, that snake’s poison can also be effective long after the animal’s death and that the snake may still have a bite reflex, so precautions should be taken even though it appears inoffensive!

The snakes from the Cobra family are amongst the most dangerous in the world, these include the cobras, mambas, and sea snakes.

They should certainly not be considered as pets although some species can be brightly colored and have striking designs on their bodies.

In general, when treating with reptiles or amphibians brilliant colors are a sign that the animal may be dangerous.

Some species of frogs are very poisonous and usually brightly colored to warn of predators; the more dangerous known are the Monkey frog, the Golden Poison Dart frog, the Blue poison Dart frog, and the Dyeing Poison Dart frog.

Even lizards can be poisonous although there is only one known existing species, the Gila monster. This amphibian, which may appear slow and lazy, is actually very fast and its bite severely poisonous.

Reptiles and amphibians have toxins in their bodies, which they use to protect themselves from other predators, so if you are not sure about the pet you want to buy, do some research work to keep yourself informed of the worst ones you should not pet.

Some types of amphibians can also be aggressive, probably the most aggressive being the horned frog or Pac-Man frog.

This frog is as big as a fist and is cream colored with brown blotches and hides under dead leaves, leaping out of its hiding place to attack its prey by grabbing it in its huge mouth with strong jaws that can be quite impressively shocking to humans as well.

So, if you do decide to purchase these dangerous animals and keep them in your house, make sure you take major precautions for you and those living in your household, as the above animals mentioned are definitely the worst reptiles and amphibians you should not pet.