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Tips for a Special Entertaining Wedding Day

When it comes to that particular moment and day, we tend to make everything perfect!

The wedding day is one of the moments that we may only have to experience once in a lifetime, and making it’s as memorable as it should be is something we all want.

During such times, you may be lost in the world of the things you have to do, how to do it, what to buy and who to buy the things for.

Yes, all these are very good, but not all may be necessary. Apart from the bride and groom been all set for the wedding day, only three things are paramount.

That is the decorationentertainment, and memories; while the eyes feed on the decoration, the body on the entertainment and the mind on the memories.

So are you planning for that special day? The tips below will be quite helpful!

1. Decoration tips

In addition to decorating the church, another essential aspect of wedding decoration is the pews decoration.

People can observe the festive atmosphere in the church from a well-decorated setting, not also excluding the reception.

That will propel the bride, bridegroom, and guests into a magical atmosphere, something to remember for years to come.

The great advantage ofchurch pew decoration is that you have the opportunity of choosing from up to date and fashionable themes.

Alternatively, you can choose from old fashioned themes, whichever you will assure a refined and romantic look to your wedding.

Some original decorative ideas for an unforgettable day

  • The pew

You need to, first of all, choose the number of pews that you will be decorating. In most cases, the first six pews are decorated as these are the pews for the bridegroom and brides families.

A lot of ideas are available for the decoration of church pews. The theme you choose can either be the modern theme or the traditional theme.

Relating to cost, there are quite a lot of themes that will be best suitable for any kind of budget.

  • Decorative materials

You can decorate the pews with tulle or many other conventional and affordable fabrics.

Tulle decorative material is trendy, and you will achieve a breathtaking effect with little expense.

To create an elegant setting, sticks to the classic bows and fabric drapes. Or for cheerier atmospheres add colorfulinflatables as this will improve the mood of your wedding and make it look more festive.

You can fill up beautiful baskets with petals and fasten them to the end of the pews just to give the decoration a final touch.

As the couple leaves the church premises after the wedding ceremony, the guest can pick the petals and throw them on the couple. 

  • Other decorative items

Candles can create a more romantic atmosphere when used rightly; this is an original idea rendering a wedding even more exclusive.

Additionally, plants in pots are more often used because they are inexpensive. Assemblesome of the pots at the church’s entrance, the nave, and below the altar.

You can also place torches as well as hurricane lamps beside the pews. That will transform the setting into a truly unique one.

  • Flowers and bouquets

It is a necessity to have flowers in the church basically because of their sweet fragrances and colorful as well as the cheerful effect they diffuse in the usually somber churches.

Think of creating colorful bouquets embellished with satin ribbons and stick to a color theme. These bouquets may look better and even visible if arranged at the end of each pew.

2. Entertainment tips

A wedding is one of the special days to entertain those who honored your invitation. It is also one of the ways to keep your day lively without making your guests feel bored.

A wedding reception without good entertainment is lost.It is for this reason that it is vital to enable the party moving and fun for everyone.

Entertainment is vast, but choosing the few necessary ones may fit into your budget.

Some of the entertainment ideas you may consider are;

  • Get a good band or D.J.

Music is one of the ways to keep your wedding reception alive. Imagine what it would be without it. That will be uncomfortable and boring.

An excellent musical band or a D.J. will surely get your guest to the dance floor, alleviate their mood. And even most importantly knows when to play and what to play.

  • Have some refreshments

You wouldn’t want to keep your guest’s stomach grumbling; that will make them even more uncomfortable, and it’s not even ideal to do so.

Hence, it becomes necessary that you have refreshments for everyone, enough to satisfy and make them happy.

There could also be some slight refreshments at the beginning of the reception or whenever it deems fit. It might be a quick toast, finger foods or a nice dessert.

It will help to keep them refreshed until it’s time to have the main dish served.

Irrespective of how many people you invited, it is best always to have some surplus.

I bet you wouldn’t feel glad seeing some people stay that long without food. If it is a private wedding, where the number of guests is fixed, then you may be unavoidable.

  • Add some unusual entertainment

Sometimes, people get excited when you take them by surprise, a good shock as having them witness and unexpected level of entertainment.

It could be an exceptional dance from the bride and groom, and it could be a famous performer, or even introducing some engaging games.

Even as you do all you can tomake yourself happy, make sure your guests are too.

3. Memories

In this context, this includes the photographer and the videographer. If you have a perfect wedding and you don’t have any of these and a good one at that, the joy is never complete.

A wedding is a one-time celebration for most people, and losing the opportunity to capture the best moment may be lost forever.

It is for this reason that it is among theessential things you don’t have to neglect during your special day.

  • Photography

Find a good photographer, someone who knows how and when to capture those beautiful moments.

No one and I means, no one, would be happy finding out that some of the best moments of the day aren’t captured.

Those special moments can be the cutting of the cake, kissing of the bride, throwing of the bouquet, the dance moves, and so much more.

You definitely can’t compromise these unforgettable memories for anything in the world.

  • Videography

Not making a nice video of your special day, no matter how short it is can lead to the regret of a lifetime.

Having a good photographer is relaxed than having none at all, but also having a videographer is way more comfortable.

A wedding is too unique a day to allow such a great opportunity to slip by.

If you want to capture those precious words and actions, then you wouldn’t think twice about getting the best videographer in town.

Final words

While planning a wedding, you may want to have the best venue, the best invitation cards, and so on.

These things are good and okay, but that still doesn’t make a wedding special or any entertaining. Consider the essential things first before taking into account any other thing.

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