Top Selling Yamaha Guitars: An Overview


Ready to rock with a guitar, but cannot decide on the brand to start with? Bring home a Yamaha guitar. Wondering why? Read on the article below to know about the many virtues of a Yamaha guitar.

If you go through the manufacturing history of Yamaha, you will find a number of brands reigned in the market at different points of time.

Among them, the series that has consistently maintained its popularity among the beginners as well as the professionals is the Yamaha Pacifica 112.

It is not without reason, that Yamaha Pacifica has earned repute for being the most trustworthy instrument for the learners.

Are you a beginner who is looking for a guitar that has a fabulous sound yet allows you to stay on budget? Trust the Yamaha Pacifica 112, the most favorite brand among the beginners for a number of reasons.

While the price is an important deciding factor, most beginners prefer it for many other reasons; this nice looking guitar sounds fantastic and stays in tune, it is easy to handle and suitable for all types of music due to its combination of  humbucker and the single-coil pickups.

A Yamaha Pacifica comes with the construction with a solid alder body, neck is made of Maple, while the fingerboard boasts of high quality rosewood.

This unique combination works for the brilliant and crisp tone which is the signature of a Yamaha guitar.

In addition to these you get a Vintage-style chrome tremolo to perfectly balance the sound. Die-cast chrome tuners and white pickguard adds to the stylish charms of the instrument.

As you mature to the next level of expertise in playing guitar, you can upgrade the model by incorporating more sophisticated electronics to match your enhanced skills.

Then there are these EZ-AG and EZ-EG series of Yamaha guitars, specifically designed to make the learning process easier. These two Yamaha models are targeted at the young beginners.

It makes easier for them to learn the basic techniques of strumming. It also helps clear their ideas about uses of different chords and helps to improve the playing style in general. You can get these EZ-AG and EZ-EG guitars both in the shapes of an acoustic as well as an electric guitar.

These models come complete with 15 pre-recorded songs. These you can play in the background and can learn yourself by following the tunes.

This allows you to sharpen your skills at strumming or fretting. When you are done with practicing with these recorded tunes, the instrument allows you to download new songs which can be stored in the memory along with the original 15 that were provided with the guitar.

The models also have a built-in speaker with the strength of MIDI functionality and a 9V adapter. They can run off battery as well.

With this guitar, the beginners do not need to bother with such functions as tuning. If you are truly up to learning the technique you can take help of real guitars.

You can get a Yamaha EZ-AG for a modest 199.99, while the EZ-EG model is little costlier; it comes for a price of 249.99.

Do you know how to distinguish a real Yamaha from a fake one? Simple, you have to look for the serial number that each Yamaha piece is marked with.

You will find the serial number marked on the area near the back of the neck and inside the body of the guitar. You can catch a glimpse of it from the sound- hole itself. Remember, the serial numbers typically consist of eight digits.

Finally, the best thing about a Yamaha guitar is that you will soon fall in love with it as you will be genuinely enjoying playing it.

As most of the users reveal, with a Yamaha guitar you feel like going on strumming. Isn’t it the sole purpose of investing in a musical instrument? 

So it will be a good decision to start with a Yamaha guitar. Who knows, you might emerge as the next music icon of the USA!