Top Winter Wedding Favors

Top Winter Wedding Favors
Top Winter Wedding Favors

Holding a winter wedding can be quite a unique experience, but only if the theme of the wedding plays into the winter season. That is, if generic wedding favors and designs are used in the winter, then the wedding does not exhibit anything that creates the ambiance of a winter wedding.

All the wedding becomes is a spring or summer wedding simply being held at a different time of the year.

The question that needs to be asked is what if ten years go by and someone looks at photographs of the wedding and does not notice that the wedding was held in the winter.

If that is the case, then the winter wedding has not succeeded in its ability to get across the theme of the winter.

There is a reason why people select the winter as the time of the year they wish to plan and hold their wedding so the wedding positively must embody the theme of the winter months.

Basically, winter wedding favors will simply be traditional wedding favors twisted slightly in order to reflect the season of the winter.

In doing so, the theme of a winter wedding is greatly re-enforced. If the wedding is presented as a generic wedding then the purpose of a winter wedding will be defeated. Since there is an abundance of winter wedding favor items available, then the issue of scarcity will be a non-issue.

Also, it is wise to make sure that the specific favors that are selected are of a color that is associated with winter.

While most will select white-colored favors in order to associate the favors with snow, the color of light blue can also be used as well. A little red and green that is associated with the Christmas holiday is also a smart idea as well.

So, what would the top winter wedding favors entail? Candleholders are a major wedding favor and instead of using generic or traditional candle holders, utilizing such holders that are formed in the shape of snowflakes would be quite interesting.

For starters, such candleholders are unique enough to be noticed almost immediately by wedding guests.

When such items are quickly recognizable and automatically deciphered as a special, season oriented wedding favor, then they automatically become memorable which, in turn, will make the wedding itself memorable in the eyes of the guests.

Other winter variations of candleholders can include such figures as snowballs or even snowmen.

Other items that might prove popular are snowflake candles, snowflake place card holders, snowflake coasters, and snowflake soap favors among many others.

As one can see, the use of a snowflake is the most common shape that is used for winter wedding favors.

The reason for this is obvious: the snowflake is probably the most common symbol of the winter.

After all, what is winter without snow? (Well, a winter in Hawaii for one, but that is beside the point!) Just keep the principles of following a winter theme with the favors and they will work fine within the framework of the wedding theme.