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Turn Your Hair For Flip Hairstyles: A Guideline

Pamela wanted a new look for the last Sundays party. She was simply bored at cutting short or growing her hair long and making a difference with color highlights.

This time she hoped to rock the party with her hairstyle and take the hall of fame of being the center of attraction.

Deeply merged in thoughts how she will manage up with her new hairstyle and hair care, she suddenly thought of turning her hair and got the flip style of her hair done.

To her craving astonishment, the style did superb on her face cut and she became the glam icon of the party shining out like an emerald in the sea of bright shells.

What is flip hairstyle all about? Barbie doll could be the best example of flip hairstyle. Irrespective of the length of your hair, you can outshine with this hairstyle in any environment wherever you wear it.

The process of making flips in your hair is not something out of the blue. Its perfectly done by the hair dressers and if you try it at home you will have to learn the technique and grow the skill in handling the tools to set the turns of the flips in your hair.

Pamela made it clear first that flip hairstyles can be done in two patterns. The flip-in style and the flip-out pattern: both are carefully done to give your hair a new appeal in the usual texture and length.

Flip hairstyles are somewhat close to light curls but not exactly so.

Now the practical part of setting your hair in that very pattern is something like this.

Flips are turns in the literal sense of the meaning, but to give your hair the turn the foremost thing you need is to straighten your hair and then give it the desired twist or turn. Without that the impact of the flip hairstyle will be lessened.

For the flip-in style you ought to give small twisting effect to the end of the hair and turn it towards inside with the help of the hair rotator and hair dryer.

Actually, the flip-in turns to set down requires a slight heat or else they will come back to their original straight position.

The twisting length has no set rule. You can have it any length you like but the minimum and a maximum point are fixed.

What do you do if you are keener about the flip-out hair setting style? The process is more or less same but you will have to stretch out the twist in the outer direction.

This adds a curly turn and gives a lift to your hair. If you have silk and shiny hair, the flip-out style creates a magical glow and dancing bounce as you move to wear this style.

For Pamela, the flip-out pattern really matched perfectly with her personality.

Her extrovert jovial attitude and utmost reckless lifestyle yet concerned about her outlook and getup were added with another remarkable touch with the flip-out hairstyle.

She also did more to it by using wax to further crimp and to fold the sections of the flip ends in between of the style she wore.

In her pink gown with deep-cut neck and off shoulders, platinum earrings, and a thin necklace, she looked not hot but gave a mesmeric blow to the party.

Oh! Pamela, the very girl in a loose top and casual jeans, this is unbelievable! So will you too try out the flip hairstyles in some forthcoming party?

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