Using A Kit To Build Your Sailboat

Using A Kit To Build Your Sailboat
Using A Kit To Build Your Sailboat

If you are a woodworker, have basic skills, and love sailboats, then you should consider using a kit to build your sailboat.

The boats produced from these kits are of the highest quality in most cases so that you are not just creating a sailboat, but also a work of personal art.

It is something you will be able to enjoy using while taking pride in the fact that you built it with your own two hands.

There is a great deal of variety in terms of boat kits, and most of the kits can be accessorized so that you can turn the resulting watercraft into a sailboat. There are a number of other reasons to consider building your sailboat from a kit as well.

Perhaps, the biggest reason to consider the use of a kit for building your sailboat is the savings in terms of money.

An assembled boat can cost more than 50% above what a kit will cost you to buy. By getting a kit, you can save several thousand dollars, depending on the sailboat you decide to pursue.

Another factor to consider is customizing.

Try to get a sailboat that is already built customized and your financial obligation can go up substantially.

Even getting the wood stained a new color can be costly. When you build with a kit, though, you can use stains and paint to put together a true showpiece of a boat.

Sail in style with a boat that you put together with your own hands and that you customized to the color and stain you wanted to see.

What, though, can you expect to get in your sailboat kit?

They are fairly complete in most cases. You can expect to have all of the necessary wooden pieces, any metal hardware, and probably most of the fiberglass and taping you need. All beams and solid wood parts are usually included as well.

Once you get your kit, you need to have your tools together. Most kits have the specialty tools you might need, but basic woodworking tools will be your responsibility.

You should make sure you have a wood file, level, sandpaper, wire cutters and hot melt glue gun among many others. Make sure you go through your kit beforehand so that you know what you will need and have it on hand before you get started.

One last thing to consider when putting together a sailboat using a kit is accessories, if your kit is not a sailboat, to begin with.

There are many boat kits out there from dingies to rowboats, but most can be made into sailboats by purchasing the right accessory package.

You can usually buy a separate kit for assembling and connecting a sail and mast to your boat.

The Last Words

As you can see, using a kit to build your sailboat has many advantages. Whether it is the money, the excitement, the pride, or the look of the sailboat that draws you to the use of a kit, it is something in which you can take great pride once it is all said and done.