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Video Game Versus Online Game, Which Is Better?

It is difficult to state with precision whether video games are better than online games or vice versa. It is first of all a matter of opinion and what one is looking for in terms of entertainment.

When playing online games over the Internet there is a sort of technical ability challenge, which seems to install itself between the online players.

This could create an unspoken antagonism and social friction among the players, which would probably not exist were they not indeed total strangers.

On the other hand video games, featuring single-players or other solitary activities as opposed to the online interactive challenges, can restrain community interchanges, which are important for social and psychological stimulation.

It is therefore important, especially with children, to encourage those video games that can be played with others, in order tackle social situations and share emotions and enjoyment with others.

The advantage of online games is that there is a continual renewal of the games, where as with video games you can build up your own private collection but it will probably be restricted by your budget, as you cannot possibly purchase all the video games available.

The World Wide Web that is now accessible to all, either with free downloads or with subscription fees on the different web sites, can offer a multitude of choice games and latest releases.

With video game versus online game, the cost is also notable, for many free online games are available on Internet and can be downloaded on one’s PC. These online games open up a direct channel with which to interrelate with family and friends that live far away; this is also a good way to keep in contact while having fun and relieving the day’s stress.

A lot of these online games also have their own communities, where the people belonging to them can play with members of other communities; this creates a great exchange of social activity.

It is also true that with video games, parents for example, can choose the types of games their children should be playing, with preference to those that teach a particular expertise or educational ones which are even better than certain television programs.

While with online games there is a certain risk, if the child is not attended to, of incurring in excessively violent games, or others that are not suitable for children.

There could also be a danger, during interactive games and where social involvement is an issue, of other adult players actually abusing children.

So video games are probably best for children as opposed to the online game if the children are not attended to.

Another advantage of video games is the portable series. Portable videos can be carried anywhere and everywhere; can provide distraction and entertainment far from home, in long car journeys and during long waits!

So as far as video game versus online game is concerned, the important element would probably be the age group; children being susceptible to psychological maneuvering are probably safer playing with video games, while for social and stimulating interaction, online games would be the best bet.

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