What Are The Necessary Equipment Of Volleyball?

What Are The Necessary Equipments Of Volleyball?
What Are The Necessary Equipments Of Volleyball?

What are The Necessary Equipments of Volleyball?

When you want to know about the various equipments of volleyball then you don’t have to read much. This is because volleyball is a very simple game involving very few types of equipment. The main equipments that are necessary are a volleyball court, ball, volleyball net, shoes and players.

A general volley ball court should be 8 metres long and 9 metres wide. It is divided into two 9 x 9 metre “team courts” by a one-metre wide net placed such that its highest point is 2.43 metres above the ground in men’s competitions, and 2.24 metres for women’s competitions.

According to international standards, the attack line, which is 3 metres from and parallel to the net in each court, divides the court into “back row” and “front row”. These rows are in turn divided into six areas each, to be occupied by the players in rotation.

The team courts are surrounded by a free zone area, which is a minimum of 2 metres wide and which the players may enter and play within after the service of the ball.

The lines that denote the boundaries of the team court and the attack zone are drawn or painted within the dimensions of the area and are therefore a part of the court or zone and a ball touching the line is considered in.

An antenna on each side of the net perpendicular to the sideline is a vertical extension of a courts side boundary. A ball passing over the net must pass completely between the antennae without touching them.

The net shall be 1m deep and 9.50m long, placed vertically over the axis of the centerline to divide the court into two parts. As we mentioned, the height of the net is 2.43 meters for men and 2.24 meters for women.

The best quality nets are made of 10cm square dark mesh, with two folds of white canvas each 10cm wide, and each 5cm fold sewn along the full length of the top of the net.

A cable stretches the upper edge of the net and passes inside the canvas. The antennae that we talked about earlier are 10mm in diameter, made of fiberglass with contrasting color sections, each 10cm long.


A ball used for playing a volleyball game is spherical and made of a flexible leather case. It must have a bladder inside it, made of either rubber or a similar material. It shall be uniform and have light color.

According to standards, the weight of a ball should be between 260gm and 280gm, and its circumference is between 65 and 67cm.

Shoes: When you go for choosing your volleyball shoes, always check that the shoes are light so that they facilitate your mobility and help you in leaping. The footwear should support both the center and ides of your feet to facilitate all kinds of motion.

The equipment that we have described here is competition standard, of course, but why should you settle for less if you are really serious about the game?