What Is The Difference Between PlayStation And Xbox?

What Is The Difference Between PlayStation And Xbox?
What Is The Difference Between PlayStation And Xbox?

To begin with it is important to note that both PlayStation and Xbox systems and consoles have at least two or even three variations each, so basically there is already a difference between the various types of PlayStation and Xbox versions.

The Xbox includes the regular Xbox and the new Xbox 360. While the PlayStation version has the original PlayStation 1, the PS2 (PlayStation 2) and the PS3 (PlayStation 3).

The difference between the PS3 and the Xbox 360 lies above all in its price. The Xbox 360 is cheaper as opposed to the PS3; in addition the graphics are easier to deal with than the more sophisticated ones proposed by the powerhouse integrated in the PS3.

The Xbox 360 is also aimed at the general public, the system is less complicated and of easy access to all, as is the price as opposed to the $400 budget you would be looking at when buying the more complicated, high definition PS3.

PlayStation from Sony has definitely more titles than its opponent Xbox from Microsoft, with 250 new titles as opposed to 200 from Sony.

More significantly, the difference between PlayStation and Xbox is that the PS2 can play most of the game titles destined for the original PlayStation, while Network adapters are also available from Sony, this gives everyone access to online games by using their own ISP. It is also true that a new service has been initiated for online gaming destined for the new Xbox.

Both gaming systems of PlayStation and Xbox each have different benefits; while the Xbox graphics on the games are definitely of enhanced quality, the PlayStation on the other hand boasts a large number of game titles and is compatible with the earlier versions.

PlayStation and Xbox are both fitted with the sophisticated graphic and audio subsystems, which are essential when running the superbly realistic 3D action games and DVD movies. Yet there is a difference between Xbox’s incredible graphics achieved with the Graphics Processing Unit (inVidia GPU) and powered by a 32-bit Intel processor and the PlayStation system, which on the other hand plays on the enhanced processor of 128 bits.

They both have built-in DVD drive systems, the difference being that with the Xbox, an extra expense of a DVD Playback Kit has to be accounted for as far as watching movies is concerned.

The PlayStation 2 is integrated with two memory card slots and two controller ports, while the Xbox has four controller ports and a large 10 MB memory hard drive in order to store saved games and user profiles. With the purchase of a Multitap Adapter extra controls can be added to the PS2, this Network Adapter for PS2 is necessary for connecting to the Internet. However a new Hard Drive Kit should be available soon for the PS2 version.

All in all the general difference between PlayStation and Xbox would be the cost and the straightforwardness with which the games and systems work.