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What Music To Play On Your Wedding Day

Many brides want different music for their wedding. They don’t want music that has been done-to-death or previously played at a friend’s wedding.

However, what brides should realize is that the kind of music they need should be one that will be consistent with their wedding theme.

The appropriate music for your wedding depends on your wedding theme. Definitely, as a bride, you wouldn’t want techno music at your Hawaiian-themed wedding reception. That would simply be a disaster and an inconsistency.

What you will probably want for your Hula wedding reception is some island music from Hawaii where your guests in grass skirts can sway and enjoy themselves to the hula beat. In the same way, this hula beat and Hawaiian music simply won’t do for a truly modern rooftop wedding!

Traditional Church Weddings – In traditional church weddings, it is advisable to have a quartet play the accompaniment for the church music. This creates a heavenly, ethereal feel that is in keeping with the venue and the atmosphere.

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A choir of at least four will also be better than a vocal soloist as generally, churches are structured to have perfect acoustics that only the textured and layered sound of a choir can give justice to. Maximize what you have.

For the reception, a traditional church wedding with an indoor traditional reception may opt for two kinds of reception music.

For the first half of the reception program, a quartet is ideal. You wouldn’t want your guests to choke on their caviar with the sound of techno dance music, would you?

Techno dance music, however, is ideal for the later hours of your traditional wedding reception. When you play light classical music, and then techno dance music, you are definitely setting the mood for your guests in enjoying their food and asking them to stay and enjoy the dance floor, respectively, without awkward and embarrassing deliberate effort from your part.

Traditional Wedding by Culture – In cultural weddings where the couples are celebrating their marriage within a particular cultural concept, it is always appropriate to play the music of that particular culture.

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It doesn’t have to be the same genre all throughout the reception but it has to be in keeping with the culture-theme that you are in.

For example, a traditional Irish couple having a traditional Irish wedding will want soft and light music played by Irish instruments for the wedding ceremony.

But, when it comes to the traditional Irish reception, you may want a different tone of Irish music one that will call your guests to dance and revelry!

The key point in choosing music for your wedding is to keep true to its concept, its theme. It is the music that will initiate the mood that you want. It is the music that will evoke and generate the reaction and emotions that you want from your guests.

And usually, it is also the music that will bring you back to the fond memories of your wedding day years later, when both you and your spouse are sharing those memories with your grandchildren.

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