What Not To Bring While Traveling Abroad For Vacation Trips


The first and foremost thing not to bring on a trip is heavy luggage, generally. The merits of traveling light cannot be elaborated enough.

Remember this even if you forget all other well-meaning advice unless you are paying several heavyweight lifters to carry your luggage for you.

Remember that otherwise you will be lugging your baggage into the trunk of your car and out of it, into a train or the airport, and puffing throughout under the stress in similar spots throughout the trip. Travel light.

Do not carry different sets of clothes that match uniquely and look weird otherwise. Rather opt for mix -and -match clothes, that’ll give the impression of being a larger wardrobe than the one you are actually carrying.

If on a business trip, bring at least two suits and wear different ties and shirts to create the illusion of a new suit every time.

It may be a good idea to carry a small lightweight iron, since laundry can work out to be expensive for smoothing out every little crumple, and it might make better speed actually to do it yourself. You decide.

If you are going to rough it out, or plan to spend time in the great outdoors most of the time on a limited wardrobe, do not carry too many light colored clothes. Black, deep brown or blue jeans on casual trips are great. People won’t generally notice till they are really really dirty.

It is better to be prepared for all possibilities of the whims of nature — rain, sun, chill and storm. Do not carry sunscreen. On the other hand, how many umbrellas can you fit in? Rather opt for polypropelene shirts that are light, warm and have the virtue of drying quickly. Rain pants are another lightweight option.

Instead of carrying quantities of shoes, pack sensibly–one for formal use if your trip demands it, another sensible pair of shoes that are not hard on your feet.

Instead of carrying lots of shoes to ensure supply if they get wet, it might be a good idea to carry flip-flops that water cannot dampen.

If you are in a town or city with ample supplies, you may choose not to lug enormous quantities of drinking water, you may just buy disposable mineral water bottles instead.

Also, carry drier varieties of food if you must, to avoid mess – for instance, you can gorge on porridge at breakfasts and gravy at lunch at home —not advisable if you are traveling!

If you are going to camp somewhere, avoid carrying fuel if you can buy it locally. Some airlines do not take kindly to this.

Avoid explosive substances in your luggage it might look harmless but the slightest of circumstances trigger off an explosion and jeopardize your life.

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