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What Type Of Brushes Is Used To Stop Breaking Of Hair?

Its sensitive. So hair needs a lot of care, sometimes extra. Yes, you often complain that your hair breaks off so easily with the slightest pressure or pull. Its not just you but a potential problem for most. Hair care has a lot to do with the remedial formula to stop the breaking of hair.

You should never ever hesitate to spend on hair products and hair dressing items. You might not have time to spend with your hubby but regular visits once in a week to the salon cant be given up. Had it been a daily affair, you wouldn’t have minded it either would you?

But sometimes your over consciousness leads you to ignore some vital aspects which you consider rather petty. For caring for your hair, you actually do so.

Wherever the money matter is high you feel more secured to expend because you feel that it must be good. But you actually fool yourself as the solution could have been an easier and cheaper one.

Have you ever paid attention towards the comb or the brush you use to set your hair? Do you know that the roots of the hair damage especially related to the breaking of hair lay in the comb you use?

Falling from the sky? This is absolutely correct because most of the hair fibers get pulled out while brushing.

Use of brushes and combs must be done by following some very general guidelines.

But as human beings, we hate to use our common sense and often overlook things that are general because we think what’s there to be paid attention to. Very normal! Here you are actually mistaken.

The first key to avoid breaking off hair is never applying any type of brushing to wet hair. The roots are soft and can without any effort be pulled out with the rolling of the comb or the hair brush.

And if you are more concerned and to maintain the sophistication of outlook instead of fiber, use a steel-made comb or brush you add nothing more, just another degree higher to the damaging of your hair.

Don’t rotate your eyeballs with sheer confusion you do worse to your hair in this way.

After shampooing your hair, use some hair softener so that it prevents tangles from forming. Start brushing with a comb that has soft bristles and wide gaps between the teeth.

If the gaps between the bristles are more the brush can be easily rolled on the hair and won’t get stuck in between the strands or the fibers.

This is advantageous for the hair and the scope of the hair being pulled out can be reduced.

The technique to be followed during brushing the hair is also very important. Use the brush in the reverse order when your hair is still wet.

This helps in a double way because you can remove the tangles formed while drying your hair with the help of a towel, as well as, the roots are protected. Avoid the touch of the comb on the roots of your hair.

Now when you are brushing dry hair for different types and cuts of hair, obviously different types of brushes are preferred.

If the hair is middle length with a layer cut, step or bob it is better to use the large brush with a round shape that has bristles in all directions. Actually this will help you to set the layers with perfection.

If your hair is long, large-toothed hair combs or round ceramic ones are also good. They can brush your hair well keeping the length intact and even you can apply a flip-style from below that’s more attractive.

For those who have mushroom-cut or patch boy style, you need to use a blow dryer to pump up your hair and go for a soft bristles comb, preferably the Paddington brush.

Do you still think that you knew all about the brushing of hair? If you are sure then no problems regarding the breaking of hair should further arise, only if you are suffering from some disease!

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