Where To Find Entertainment In Austria

Where To Find Entertainment In Austria
Where To Find Entertainment In Austria

It has been Austria’s curse that the educationally-challenged of the world confuse it with Australia.

But, on a more positive note, those who are clearly familiar with Austria realize that it is one of the most beautiful countries in Western Europe and one that has a burgeoning tourist world that consistently offers a tremendous number of activities to those interested in a unique and novel vacation to this wonderful, little country.

Probably Austria’s claim to fame in terms of providing value for tourists’ entertainment dollar exists within the country’s ski resorts and lodges.

These resorts and lodges are some of the very best in the world and draw literally millions of adventure seekers worldwide to the little, snow-covered country. And with good reason, the lodges are among the most fun and lively in the world.

Skiing has long been one of the most popular snow hobbies in the world; and Austria offers some of the best skiing available anywhere on the planet.

Some of their world-renown resorts include Alpbach, Bad Hofgastein, Galtur, Filzmoos, and Ellmau.

Those who have experienced may wish to take part in a series of tournaments and skiing competitions.

These competitions can really beef up a vacation and make it memorable and fun. And, if one does not feel they have the experience for this type of activity, one can always take part in the rather enjoyable activity of being a spectator.

You will find that a number of pre-Olympic ranking competitions happen in the Austrian Alps.

Now, if one is a total novice, Austria can provide the perfect environment for starting lessons.

The ski instructors in Austria are among the best in the world; and learning from the best is always a huge plus as to learning from some weekend warrior type who does not truly have the experience they claim to have.

More daring individuals may decide to forgo the world of skiing and jump headfirst into the rival of skiing, snowboarding.

Snowboarding, to some, is easier to learn; and its bad-boy image is quite appealing to those who take joy in participating in acts of rebellion.

In addition to ski resorts, Austria is also noted for its bustling nightlife. The capital city, Vienna, is filled with bars that open up mid-way and stay open well into the early morning.

Additionally, Austria is well known for its clubs. Most clubs are dark and usually have pumping techno or house beat.

The favorite among many Austrians is the gothic-themed club. It is quite common for Euro goth metal bands to play these venues.

Austrians and neighboring Europeans regularly take the train into Vienna to dance and enjoy a night of club-hopping and barhopping.

If you’re not into skiing, clubbing, or going to bars, you could always stay at one of the many Austrian lodges.

There, you will find world-class spas, which provide full-body massages, saunas, waxing, and hot tubs.

But regardless of what you decide to do, remember that it’s Austria, not Australia.