Where To Find Entertainment In Manhattan

Where To Find Entertainment In Manhattan
Where To Find Entertainment In Manhattan

Manhattan is a magical place for the many people who visit it each year. Filled with all sorts of things to see and do, a person can easily fill up an entire vacation checking out different sites around town. That is if one does some advance preparation and understands where to find entertainment in Manhattan.

Here are some suggestions to help you plan your entertainment itinerary for your next excursion to Manhattan. 

One of the easiest places to begin learning more about Manhattan and what the city offers is to log in on the Internet and do a web search.

Using search phrases such as “tourist sites in Manhattan” or “places to see in Manhattan,” you can quickly uncover some great ideas on things you do not want to miss while in the city.

Some of the sites will even include downloadable help guides, public transportation tables, and other helpful hints on getting around to all the attractions. Brochures may also be downloaded or ordered free of charge from a number of sites.

Many of the searches will also yield links back to various hotels around Manhattan, which can also come in quite handy.

By obtaining contact information to contact the hotels directly, you can call and speak with a customer service person or perhaps the concierge to learn about any rotating tours that can be arranged through the hotel.

You also can ask for information about any entertainment options that are within walking distance of the hotel as well, providing you with chances for amusement on those days you want to take a leisurely look around without benefit of rushing to meet tour schedules.

Contacting the local tourist bureau will also help yield some results. Check the web, but also make it a point to call.

Often, you will be able to speak with someone who can tell you about out of the way restaurants that are more often patronized by the locals.

Not all tourist bureaus put up everything they have on the Internet, so you should be able to secure additional printed information, based on your interests.

Once you arrive at your hotel in Manhattan, develop a cordial association with some of the hotel employees. They can offer you some tips on things to do and places to see that are well off the usual tourist radar.

Perhaps you collect books: the front desk clerk may know of an antique bookseller around the corner. Or perhaps you enjoy a good cup of coffee in the morning; someone may know of a great locally-owned shop nearby.

Make sure you get to see at least a little of the Manhattan that the local folks experience every day.

Public transportation will get you around town very easily, especially when you want to get to such landmarks as the Empire State Building or Times Square.

However, don’t let the myth of rude cab drivers deter you from using taxi services to get around at least part of your trip.

Your concierge will be able to recommend reputable services and will also often help out by calling your attention to attractions that are in the immediate area of your destination.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask your cab driver for his input, if you are in search of a good meal or want to check out some little known locally-owned shops. Few people will know the nooks and crannies of a big city like a cab driver.

A trip to Manhattan can be a great experience, filled with clubs, tourist attractions, great food, and great shopping.

Make a few plans in advance and also rely on the local resources once you get there, and your trip is sure to be a success.