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Apple Pie To Serve On Thanksgiving: The Preparation Procedure

Well, turkey roast for Thanksgiving dinner is a staple. Even this year you cannot serve a fine dinner without putting this item on your menu.

But wouldn’t you like to make a change? Why don’t you prepare an apple pie at home and make this a new main event on your menu? This year, you will serve Thanksgiving dinner with a difference.

A quick look at the main ingredients

To prepare apple pie, you will obviously require apples. Have patience before jumping to the conclusion that any type of apple will do.

For apple pie, you need three special types of apples; Crispin apple, Baldwin apple, and Calville Blanc apple.

Buy the apples fresh to ensure their original tastes and shapes, rather than just something you found lying in a fruit store in the market square.

The quantity you will need is according to the number of people coming for dinner. An excellent recipe for two-three people can be made with one Calville apple, five Crispin apples and one Baldwin apple.

Besides the apples, you will require sugar, butter, and cinnamon. Also, you will need one pastry double-crust pie. You can prepare the piecrust at home by using flour, salt, Crisco, and cold water.

The apple pie making procedure

To make apple pie, allow at least an hour and a half. Don’t go too quickly and end up with a bad tasting pie!

Get the apples ready and peel them properly. You won’t require the skin, so remove it all. Half a cup of brown sugar and a cup of white sugar should be mixed well with the flour.

The ground cinnamon should be added later to this mixture. Apples and this flour mixture should be mixed well to make rolls of the piecrust.

The normal size of the piecrust is 9-inch but slightly more will be better for this special dish.

So you can, without hesitation, make the 10-inch roll. Once you are through with the roll, place the pie in the pan and bake it with melted butter.

The apple mixture will gradually get soaked in the butter. To sweeten the apple pie, add some sugar from the top by piercing the pie in a few places on the top coating.

Do all this in the first phase of baking, which is about fifteen minutes at a temperature of 450 degrees F.

The final baking, which takes another forty-five minutes, should be done at 350 degrees F. At the end of this baking phase, you will see your sweet apple pies turning a slight brownish color and the apple pie scent will fill your kitchen.

Garnish, and it is ready to serve. You can prepare the apple pie on the day of Thanksgiving itself or perhaps a day earlier.

Fresh preparation will retain the taste better and, for this time, you can get the roasted turkey from outside if you choose. Still, if you wish to do every item on your own, you are most welcome to do so.

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