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Coffee On Wheels: Get A Cuppa While You Drive

Driving on the highways particularly at nights after a long days work prove to be a real ordeal.

Sitting on the wheels miles after miles easily make us drowsy and if the statistics of the car insurance companies are to be believed, drowsiness is one of the commonest reasons for fatal car accidents.

Even if you start early, there is every possibility that you will feel sleepy due to waking up before time.

This tendency of getting into a nap on wheel can be prevented by a cup of strong coffee. The shot you get from a steaming espresso before starting journey will keep you wide awake.

The caffeine in it will stimulate your nerves and help you stay alert all through your journey.

In fact, a number of studies have been conducted to observe the efficacy of coffee in reducing the risks of accidents due to drowsiness during long drive.

The volunteers who consumed coffee before starting driving at night were recorded to drive in the same perfect manner they would drive at the day time.

Their performances were similar to those who have taken adequate rest before starting to drive. We all know how dangerous it is to drive under the influence of alcohol.

Do you know, if you are tired due to lack of rest it creates the same condition for the driver who is drunk?

According to an estimate, if you keep on driving after a seventeen hours long forceful wakefulness, your system will react in the same way as it would have done because of the effects of 0.5g of alcohol per liter of blood.  

Yet there are times when you have to take up such long journey in spite of a hard days work and have to drive fast to kill the extra miles as quickly as possible.

What you can do to prevent any unfortunate outcome is to take some coffee to keep you awake and alleviate the dizziness.

The drink will serve the purpose best when it is really strong and steaming hot. You do not get espresso corners everywhere in your way along the highways.

So, you have to ensure your own supply. If you are a frequent driver, the best solution is to invest in some essential coffee accessories that can accompany you in all your trips.

What are those necessary ingredients that you can conveniently carry in all your business trips?

First of all, you will need a decanter. Every time you set off for a journey either from home or from a hotel you can fill it with hot coffee.

A good quality decanter will serve you hot beverage for hours.

If you prefer long term planning, you can consider investing on a light weight and portable coffee brewer that will help you to brew your own coffee when you are away from home.

And in case you want to prepare the Joe yourself, you will need to carry minimum ingredients as coffee and sugar.

While on travel, take the help of instant coffee for all its conveniences. But don’t forget to carry them in airtight coffee containers so that you can enjoy the freshness of your cuppa.

Another important accessory is the travel coffee mug. They come with additional lids so that your drink is not spilled onto your clothes when you take sharp turns or stumble on a bump.

These specially made travel coffee mugs also come with special insulated designs to retain the heat for a longer stretch of time.

It is extremely important to choose the right travel mug. Because if the coffee spills, it does not only spoil your clothes, it also burns down your skin.

And the start you get from the heated spillage can distract you at the time of driving.

So, while drinking coffee at the time of driving, be cautious, especially when you encounter a speed breaker on the road or taking a sharp turn.

It is a good idea to slow down in a high way rest area to gulp down some coffee and then again continue with your driving.

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