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Texas – Home Of The Outlaw Movement In Country Music

Back in the early 1970s several country music recording artists moved from Nashville to Texas and created the Outlaw movement in country music.

Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings were the leaders of the Outlaw revolution, but there were also some great singers songwriters who helped make Texas Music stand out.

Artists like Billy Joe Shaver, who wrote most of Waylon’s Honky Tonk Heroes LP and Steven Fromholtz, who gained recognition for writing Willie Nelson’s Number 2 single “I’d Have To Be Crazy”.

At the same time, Jerry Jeff Walker moved from New York to Texas and joined the outlaw movement, writing such songs as Mr. Bo Jangles and recording the million-selling LP “A Man Must Carry On”.

Jerry Jeff was helped when Waylon and Willie included him in their song about Luckenbach, Texas.

Another Texas artist who received some recognition in the 1970s is Joe Ely. While not receiving the radio airplay of Willie and Waylon and the boys, he has over the years gone from a “rocker” to a balladeer with songs such as Gallo Del Cielo.

There are a number of Texas artists who claim a loyal following both in Texas and also Outside of Texas thanks to the satellite radio stations playing alternative country. These artists include:

James McMurty, who is considered one of the strongest songwriters of his generation.

Cory Morrow
has sold over 200,000 CDs and currently tours over 150 dates. He has recorded a duet CD with Pat Green, who began as a Texas icon and has made some inroads in Music City with a major record company deal.

Roger Creager has left his own musical mark throughout the south and Texas over the past seven years.

Robert Earl Keen has filled dance halls throughout Texas for years and wrote the classic song “The Road Goes on Forever“, which has been covered by The Highwaymen and Joe Ely.

Ray Wylie Hubbard, known best for his theme song “Redneck Mothers“, continues touring and producing high-quality Texas sounds.

Texas has several newer artists making a name for themselves, Jack Ingram being foremost among them. There is also Max Stalling, Stoney Larue, and Aaron Watson.

Dale Watson, known as the Texas Troubadour remains popular in Europe and Texas playing traditional country music.

Gary P Nunn, former lead guitarist for Jerry Jeff and the leader of the Lost Gonzo Band continues to tour throughout Texas as does “The Anti-Garth” Tommy Alverson.

The Randy Rogers Band and Cross Canadian Ragweed are two of the more popular bands in Texas music today.

If you’d like to hear the great Texas Songs you’ll need the internet to find this great music, but it’s certainly worth the effort.


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