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Constructing Props For A Halloween Play

One of the most fun things about Halloween is getting together and watching a Halloween play.

No matter what the play is about, you can have fun constructing props that set the spooky atmosphere for the audience and the cast!

There are many ideas you can go with when you want to design props so let’s explore a few of them to get the creative juices stirring.

The first prop that is easy to design is spider webs. All you need is a length of thin rope. Take the rope and create the design of spider webs that you want.

Next, you can either string the spider webs up or you can mount them on black construction paper to make the threads really stand out.

You can also create tombstones rather easily. It is much easier to make fake tombstones out of cardboard and construction paper than it is to drag the real thing up onto the stage.

If you mount grey construction paper over cardboard boxes you can easily create tombstones. Use a black marker to write whatever you want to appear on the tombstone and shade in the edges to give it depth.

In addition, you can always draw in cracks and fissures to make the tombstone look older than it really is.

Another prop you can make for Halloween plays is a Jack OLantern. This is pretty routine and most people have created one before to decorate their home.

Just get a big pumpkin and draw a scary face on the outside with marker. Carefully, take a knife and cut out chunks to make the face.

You can cut off the top and hollow it out in order to make room for a candle. If you light a candle and place it in the open section it can create a spooky glow.

If you want to improve the atmosphere of your Halloween play you might consider adding some bats.

There’s no animal like the bat that better symbolizes Halloween. To make some fake bats, just take some black construction paper and draw bat-shaped outlines.

Then cut around the edges and you have bats that can be mounted nearly anywhere. If you want to string the bats together and hang them up all you need is a length of rope!

Another trick you can do is to make fake eyeballs. Go to the supermarket and find a carton of smallish eggs.

Take the eggs home and get some felt-tipped markers. Draw different eye shapes and pupils on the eggs and you have some really creepy eyes!

There are so many possibilities for creepy Halloween play prop creation. All it takes is a bit of imagination and supplies you may already possess.

If you are not sure of what to do you can always log onto the Internet and perform a search for Halloween prop designs.

If you search through enough results you will find a bunch that will give you specific and helpful information to create the prop that you are looking for. Have fun and remember when cutting materials watch your fingers!

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